I want to share with you why you should be looking for a martial arts program rather than a self defense class.

A class signifies it is Cliff’s Notes version of something you may need to protect your life with one day. A martial arts program is an all over conditioning and repetitive training curriculum that is constantly challenging you and keeping your skills sharp.
A class doesn’t allow you the opportunity to strengthen your number one weapon, which is your voice.

Many people don’t realize the impact a voice can have in a personal safety situation. By yelling something as simple as, “Stop!” in a commanding, no-nonsense voice, you have the ability to control the situation without anyone ever laying a hand on you. As women, we are often told to be quiet, to not raise our voices. In the martial arts, we learn that using our voice helps remind us to breathe, puts more power into our technique, attracts the attention of people surrounding us and lets them know we need help. Also, because attackers are not looking to get caught, they will often flee from someone who is not afraid to use their voice, especially if you do it in a commanding way with a defensive posture. It infers you have training and are probably not an easy target.

In a class, it’s difficult to really become aware. In a program, you learn more and more things to be aware of. Sparring often helps that because you are learning to be more aware of what your partner is doing, where they are striking, how you can defend yourself in an effective way.

In a class, it is a short term learning opportunity. Many times within two or three days you have forgotten all that you have learned. In a program, you are trained on each move repeatedly, working the details and gaining confidence in them week after week.

In a class, there is no true end goal to work towards except the end of the class. In a martial arts program, you get the benefit of working towards a new rank, the sense of accomplishment, the pride of saying, “I study the martial arts. I’m a Purple Belt.” (insert your color) You gain confidence, camaraderie and focus.
In a class, there is little time to get acquainted with your classmates. In a program, you get the benefit of working with an encouraging and positive group of friends who become a family to you. They support you thorough your struggles and celebrate your victories.
So, now that you understand the difference between the two, find a friend and begin your martial arts journey. This week only, we are offering two for one on our six month Martial Arts Program. That includes a uniform and two classes a week, plus unlimited Hit Fit classes that will also get you into killer shape to be able to truly protect yourself and your family, relieve stress and feel great. Call (251)62-KICKS, visit us on Facebook at SCS Martial Arts & Fitness or check out our website at Hurry! This offer ends Saturday, April 18!

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