Are you entering cycle and need some help on katas?

Want to do a tournament and need work on details?

Want to do a creative to prepare for Black Belt Cycle and need help?

Brandon and Kyleigh have entered the national tournament circuit and have many hours working with World Champion Martial Artists like, Mackensi Emory, Reid Presley, Cole Presley, Jackson Rudolph and more.  They would like to offer their services to the students and earn money towards their tournament fees and travel expenses.

They each have 10 spots available and will connect with you to schedule a time.  These lessons can make great Birthday and Christmas gifts!

If you choose gift card, we will not contact the student to schedule a time!  We will make sure to get with the purchaser rather than the student so that it can be a surprise.

Private Lessons with Kyleigh

Private Lessons with Brandon