Black Belt Candidate Boot Camp

updated 8/2/2018

Black Belt Candidate Boot Camp

8:30 to 12:30

Bring a snack and drink.

Wear gi pants, belt and a tee shirt!  

Bring all your weapons!

Welcome/Team Building


•Music Workouts from Youtube  (we didn’t do these this time, but they are fun!)

9:20 It’s All in the Details

•Go through 2017 TRAINING LOG

How to complete

How to train

What to train

When to train

• Strikes



Striking Posture




Focus Point









• Kicks

Four Parts




Foot shape



Front Kick

Round House

Side Kick

Crescent Kick

Hook Kick

Spin Kicks

• Stances



Foot Placement

Leg Position

Neutral Stance

Fighting Stance

Neutral Posture

10:00 Katas

Watch tips from Reid Presley.  Follow him on his Instagram and Facebook!

•Beginner Katas

Appreciation Form

Dragon Kata

Form One

•Intermediate Katas

Short 2

Short 3

Chuk Form 1

•Advanced Katas

Kama Form (this was XMA Kama 2)

Basic Bo Form (New)

Bookset (new, you may not be tested on it, but you should learn it and know it!)


•Black Belt Katas

Mass Attacks

Kama Set

Logar Shin

Kicking Sets

1-2-3 Count Kicking

Front Kick with Back Leg, Low Block, Punch, Knife Hand

Front Kick, Spin Hook, Guarded Square Horse Stance

Spin Hook, Spin Hook, Kneeling Side Kick

1-4 Count Kicking

Two Front, Two Side

1-6 Count Kicking

Two Front, Two Side, Two Round

1-8 Count Kicking

Two Front, Two Side, Two Round, Two Double Round

10 Count Kicking

Two Side Kicks, Two Round House Kicks, Two Hook Round Kicks, Two Slow Side Kicks, Two Side Kick, Double Round House Kicks

3 Set Kumite (new)

11:00 Sparring

•Be quick at putting on gear

•Check gear fit

Check Uniform Fit

Are replacements needed?

•Work on Guard

Boxing on Bag


Working with a Partner


Working with a Partner


Working with a Partner


Work on Bag

Work with a Partner


3 – Two Minute Rounds

11:45 Lunch/Q&A

12:00 Team Building/Q&A/Stretching

Two Truths & A Lie

Human Bingo

1:30 Running Drills

Here’s where I got the ideas for today’s training!

•Dynamic Warm Up

Walking Lunges


Donkey Kicks

High Knees

Swinging Legs

Roll on Back Touch Knee to Ground

•Easy Running

•Skill Work Like Drills

High Knees

A Skip

B Skip

Butt Kicks

Butt Kicks (variation

Straight Leg Bounds



•Workout (hills, tempo, repetitions, etc.)

•Easy running

•Strength Work (like a medicine ball workout)

•Static stretching should not be done until the end of the workout.  See here for more details.

•Two miles or more runs should be done at least three times a week

2:00 Stretching

Great Article on Stretching

Stretching for Recovery

Stretching for Gain

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