Please Sign Up for Announcements

We will be sending very few emails regarding announcements.  We will also not be printing calendars or announcements.  There is too much paper wasted and we are trying to do our part to save the earth.  (Remember to recycle your bottles, cans, newspapers, etc. by placing them in the larger recycling receptacle at the dojo!)

We do try our best to keep everyone up to date on things going on at the dojo.  We have a schedule that doesn’t change for the most part, and an annual calendar that may change with notice.  Parents are encouraged to listen to the end of class announcements and ask their students to listen as well.

For up to date announcements, please follow one of these options.

  1.  You can complete the Send Me Notifications link at the right to receive an email about any new posts to this site.
  2. You can follow our Facebook page.  New posts from this site go directly there! See the link on the right side of this page.
  3. You can sign up for Remind and get occasional text messages regarding updates.  We highly recommend downloading the app to make sure you get the messages. remind sign up
  4. You can listen to the announcements in class.
  5. You can take a photo of the announcements that are in the lobby area.
  6. Follow the Calendar here.

Communication and Procedures

We do our best to communicate and get people the information they need quickly.  However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Ms. Crissi to get any downtime with the emails, texts and Facebook messages she receives at all hours of the day and night.

In addition, Kyleigh is available to take care of basic things, such as address updates, credit card updates, schedule questions, etc. For more advanced things, she will be happy to take a message and will have Sensei or I communicate with you privately at a later time.  Thank you for your patience, kindness, understanding and professionalism when communicating with her.

Beginning now, Ms. Crissi will answer emails after 2:00 and before 9:00.  This will allow her to focus on the other items she is taking care of at the dojo and not responding to each individual need.  Also, you can visit this site and many of your questions may be answered here.

Please do not send messages by Facebook.

Thank you, dojo family, for your understanding regarding a need for off time.