Updated 7/12/18

Here are some things we will cover during the cycle.

Basic Katas:

  • Appreciation Form
  • Dragon Kata
  • Form One

Intermediate Katas:

  • Short 2
  • Chuk Form One

Advanced Katas:

  • Short 3
  • Chuk Form Two
  • XMA Kama 2
  • Basic Bo Form (this will be new material)


  • 1-4, 1-6, 1-8 Count Kicking
  • 1-2-3 Count Kicking
  • 1-10 Count Kicking
  • 3 Set Kumite (this will be new material)

Creative Kumite

Here are some details on a Creative Kumite.

Break it into sections, work on each individual move, perfecting it, work the section, record it, watch it, critique it for speed, power, technique, foot shape, focus, intensity, facial expressions, skill, kick height, aiming of the strike, etc. as we discussed in class.  Keep practicing and videoing that section until it’s perfect, then do section 2. Rinse and repeat section 3, etc.  Then run it all together, video your performance and critique it.  Remember this is your creative you will perform at your Black Belt Spectacular!  You owe it to yourself to look good!

Self Defense

Of course you should always be working on fitness, basic details, kicking, striking, self defense and attitude.

Attitude/Commitment to Excellence

A positive, strong, leadership attitude bring out the best not only in you, but everyone around you.  (Student Creed #2)  How you behave both in and out of the dojo are taken into account in your readiness for Black Belt.

Think of what a Black Belt should represent,  are you representing the Black Belt Principles at all times?  Where could you grow?  How could you change?  What are willing to do to make those changes?


You should be getting in three classes, plus candidate class each week.  If you are not maintaining that, you need to plan on being in the next cycle.  If you miss classes, as happens with all of us, you should arrange to make them up.  You may also want to look at the calendar and your own appointment book to see when adjustments may need to be made.  On weeks that there is no candidate class, you are not required to attend that fourth class.  Precheck counts as the fourth class.

Don’t forget to begin hydrating and preparing your body with the fuel and fluids it needs for your exams a few days prior.  Don’t wait until Friday or Saturday morning to begin preparing. We have discussed this in candidate meetings and classes at length.  Stay healthy!

For Prechecks and Exams, arrive no earlier than 8:30, but no later than 8:50 for your exam.  Be dressed in full gi.  Bring running shoes and clothes.  Don’t forget your gear and weapons.  There are no excuses.

Train hard, work hard and enjoy the results of your success!  We are only a few months away from Black Belt Spectacular and there are so many things in between to prepare us for the show!  This is an exciting time!  Be sure to pay attention to the announcements!