updated 5/4/18

Spectacular Practices//Schedule Information//Interviews

Because of the difficulty of scheduling everything around Graduations, End of School Events, Dance Recitals, Seminars, Exams, Memorial Day and more, there will only be three mandatory practices for Spectacular.

  •  Friday, May 11 7:00 pm*
  • Thursday, May 24 6:15 pm
  • Friday, June 1 2:00 pm

*Please wear full gi so that we can have a group photo for the poster!  Thank you!

As a reminder, we adjusted the schedule not for our benefit, but for the benefit of all the students who were struggling with Candidate Cycle attendance requirements during the summer months and during the holiday season.  Our new, adjusted schedule has allowed for students to not have candidate classes through June and July, as well as November and December.  We appreciate your understanding.

We have done our best to accommodate the schedules of all. We have always tried to be considerate of other activities, sports, vacations, etc.  We cannot adjust things unless we know there is an issue and we also try to do any adjusting with advanced notice.  We apologize for the inconveniences we may have caused or any hardships this has placed on your family.  We have made many adjustments to our own schedules to accommodate others and our only goal is to make each student’s Black Belt Journey a memorable one.  Unfortunately, we will not please all the people all the time, though that Is what Ms. Crissi tries to do.

Here are the important dates for the remainder of this cycle:

  • Saturday, May 5//Final Exam//9:00 am until about 11:00 am
  • Friday, May 11//Competitive Edge will be here, but we still have Candidate Class
    • Wear full gi for group photo, but bring workout clothes and an SCS Shirt and running shoes.  We will be outside.
  • Saturday, May 12//Competitive Edge Seminar
    • We hope you can make it!
  • Friday, May 18:  Power Weekend Part 1//6:00 pm
    • May 18-19 Power Weekend|We have adjusted the dates of this for Friday-Saturday to not have an exam on Sunday.  Friday night will begin at 6:00 pm and will be Sparring and drills and finish with a run at the Loxley Park or Fairhope Pier.  Saturday morning begins at 9:00 am with Kata and Weapons and concludes with board breaking.  Full gi is required.  Of course, bring running shoes and running clothes for Friday.
  • Saturday, May 19:  Power Weekend Part 2//9:00 am (watch for details)
  • Friday, May 25:  Regular Classes//No Hyper or Tournament//Spectacular Prep 5:30 – 8:00
  • Saturday, May 26:  Make Up Classes for Graduation Week (watch for details)
  • Monday, May 28:  Memorial Day – WE WILL BE OPEN BECAUSE OF ALL THE EVENTS GOING ON IN THE SUMMER!  This is a great day to get in a make up class.
  • Monday, May 28-Thursday, May 31:  Beach Fun Buddy Week Bring a friend and wear some Beach Shorts and tees.  We will have some Beach Themed Fun in Class!  Friend must bring a permission form completed by a parent. scs liability waiver
  • Friday, June 1: Black Belt Spectacular 6:30 pm (watch for details)
  • Saturday, June 2:  Hyper in the Park//SCS Family Picnic (watch for details)

Information Regarding Practices, What To Wear, Etc. Here