When you are in the Red/High Red Belt Phase you will begin creating a form that you will use in your Black Belt Spectacular.

This form should be choreographed to include movements from the martial arts that you can perform with precision, strength and skill.  There should be some moments where the movements are fast (without losing technique) and some where there are slow movements, as well as pauses.  You may also include any Hyper Kicks or Tricks that enhance your form.  Cartwheels and other tricks should be connected to martial arts techniques that keep the idea of self defense in mind.

Kiais (spirit shouts) should be integrated throughout the form with full kiais on the “finishing moves.”  You do not have to make a noise on each move, but there should be several kiais during your performance.

Music that you choose (or you can have us find music for you) should be upbeat and get the crowd interested.  Please no vulgarity.  Journey does not make good performance music.  As much as you love Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog, it is not a good creative song. I think you get the idea.  Bruno Mars and other dance music with a beat is good.  We often find music we like on Soundcloud.  Remixes of music are great! See Ms. Kyleigh or Mr. Brandon if you need help.

If you would like one of us to evaluate your form, we will be happy to!  Our goal is make you look the best you can for your Black Belt Spectacular.  We will offer advice, suggestions, constructive criticisms and kudos.  None if it is meant to demean you in any way, but we are not here to say, “Good Job” to every thing you do, that is not how we get better.

When you choreograph your creative form, we recommend you separate it into three or four sections.  That way you can work your sections with attention to detail and perfect each section.  If your creative is 45 seconds long, you may make your sections about 15 seconds long, not including your introduction.  Usually ending the section at a point where you would pause before going on to the next section.  For example:  In my creative, I do several fast hand movements and kicks, an aerial and end with a chop punch, that is a good spot to finish my section (after the chop punch).