Keep watching for details on Teams and more!

Dear Parents,

Beginning on Memorial Day, we will be awarding points to teams throughout the summer.  At the end of the summer, the team with the most points will get a special free dance/pizza party at the dojo that they can bring a friend to.  I don’t have the date yet.

We’ll be using this program in class to work on our behavior skills, reward students’ hard work, and give them incentive and reward for different events and activities and events throughout the summer.

In our class, we have behavior expectations that help ensure we are all learning. In our new program, students will earn points for meeting our class behavior expectations. Each week, we will post the rankings of each team!  Each team leader will be in charge of motivating their team!

Team Assignments will be random and will be coming in the next few weeks.

Here are the Team Names:

Team Sensei//Team Brandon//Team Crissi//Team Kyleigh

Here are some things you can earn points for, more difficult things earn higher points.

1 Point Activities 

  • Attending Class = 1 point
  • Participating in Summer Fun Weeks = 1 point
  • Helping Others (above and beyond)
  • Improvement (must be noticed by instructor)
  • Outstanding (awarded by instructor to one student who stood out that day)
  • Attitude
  • Following Instructions (usually awarded when much of the class is unfocused)
  • Above and Beyond Respect
  • Having All Your Equipment (usually awarded when much of the class is not prepared)
  • Awesome Point (awarded during class challenges or for exceptional behavior)

Multi Point Activities

  • 2 Points
    • SWAT Helper (if you are a SWAT member, you may be awarded this)
      • We will be announcing SWAT Leadership Training over the summer
  • 3 Points
    • Nail a New Trick (must be verified by a Hyper Captain)
    • Read a Book (must complete the form)
    • Rank Up (earn a new rank)
  • 5 Points
    • Attend a Summer Camp
    • Go to Black Belt Spectacular
  • 10 Points
    • Participate in the Spectacular
    • Attend Battle of Atlanta
    • Attend the US Open
  • 25 Points
    • Refer a friend who enrolls in either our regular or summer program (not summer camp)