Black Belt Candidates Belt Order

It’s time to order those uniforms and belts!  This is for those students who will be promoting to Black Belt on November 3.

Don’t forget to bring your Black Belt Fee this weekend ($150), along with photos for the slideshow.  Also bring your essays and your music choice should be turned in unless you want us to pick one out for you!

Please complete this form.  I will be ordering uniforms and belts this week to get them in time for the Spectacular.  Important info can be found here.

Here are some examples of how your name could read on your belt:

  • Kyleigh Suzanne Boyer
  • Brandon P. Boyer
  • Glenn “Cougan” Swanson
  • Steve Barfield

Uniforms should be loose fitting, not snug.  This looks nice and allows for movement.  Many people have gone with a smaller size and end up needing a new one after a wash or two.  There is nothing more embarrassing than for someone to have a uniform that fits “just right for everyday wear” and have their pants rip during a class when they do a kick or a stretch.  For reference: Kyleigh wears a size 4 uniform, and she normally wears size 1-3 in pants and a small shirt, though she chooses a medium most of the time for comfort.  Brandon wears a size 6 uniform and a large shirt.  The waist size on his pants are 30-31 with a 34 length.  Please feel free to ask for a recommendation.  Even though it may seem big when trying it on right out of the wrapper, after a washing and maybe one drying, they look great in the show.


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