We are approaching Power Weekend.  Here are a few things I need to cover (see below for details).  I may be adding to this list, so please check back often to see if I’ve updated anything.

  • Interview/Photo Times
  • How many VIP tickets are needed?
  • spectacular demo handout june 2018Power Weekend Info
    • Interview Info
    • What to Wear
    • Practices & More are included in the handout

Interview/Photo Times

Based on your answers, these are the times I have scheduled for each student.  Please come looking nice, wear a plain black tee or tank for under your gi.  Please also come prepared having read the questions from the handout above and have thought of meaningful, short answers.  With 15 in this graduation, it will be a long show and we want to keep the audience’s attention.  We may not ask all the questions, but we’d like you to be prepared.  Thank you.

Friday, May 18 (obviously the times are pm)

  • 4:00 Zac
  • 4:10 Dalton
  • 4:20 Ethan K
  • 4:30 Marshall
  • 4:40 Olivia
  • 4:50 Nate
  • 5:00 Sejay
  • 5:10 Jake
  • 5:20 Walter
  • 5:30 Reid
  • 5:40 Madeleine

Monday, May 21 (obviously the times are pm)

  • 4:45 Riley

Friday, May 25 (obviously the times are pm)

  • 4:00 Benjamin
  • 5:00 Laura
  • 5:10 Kelsey


Please complete this form for each CANDIDATE.

For Tickets:  You get four VIP tickets included, and we can guarantee two seats in the front row for each candidate.

To be clear, you will need to pay for each additional ticket (or your guests will).  It costs a lot to put on a spectacular and the ticket sales help to cover costs.  If there are any proceeds, it covers students who are struggling to be able to pay their tuition during difficult times.

Ticket sales will go live after you have given me your estimated number. Ticket pricing will be the same as the last Spectacular. Preferred Seating $12, $10 General Admission with a discount for purchase prior to Wednesday before Spectacular. Details to come.