SCS Martial Arts Academy. Ages 5 to Adults. Mixed Martial Arts with focus and respect

SCS Martial Arts Academy. Ages 5 to Adults. Mixed Martial Arts with focus and respect

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updated 5/31/18

Please check back regularly for updates to the information.

P.S.  The offer still stands for a photo of me to be placed on a punching bag and you can use sanitized gloves and beat the tar out of it. <3

When is the Spectacular?The Spectacular is Friday, June 1

6:30 PM, plan on being here until about 8:30 for pictures, etc.

When Do We Need to Be at the Dojo For Practices?

Practice this combo!



Plan on being at the dojo a lot this week.  You will be working on your elements during classes most likely.

The final practice is Friday, June 1 at 2:00 pm.  

  • Wear comfortable clothes for practice.
  • WEAR ANY WORKOUT CLOTHES FOR PRACTICE! Do not wear what you will wear to the spectacular for practice! DO NOT BRING YOUR GEAR BAG AT ALL ON FRIDAY!
  • Please have eaten.  Bring a drink.  There will not be a lot of breaks.  We will have several run throughs to prepare us for the big night.
  • Parents are asked to not stay and watch, that way the magic of the show is still there!
  • We will practice until 4:45 pm when we ask that you leave the premises, get something to eat and rest for the show.  If any parent wants to coordinate pizza or something like that, that is fine, but Ms. Crissi will be setting up the final elements of the show and probably dealing with some technical difficulties.
  • Please return at 5:45 pm dressed and ready.  
  • Doors open at 6:00 pm
  • Students are asked to leave gear bags at home.

Where is my new gi?

Actually, we have them here at the dojo.  I have to get the graphics on Olivia’s, Zac’s and Madeleine’s before they can have them.  Please understand, these SHOULD NOT BE FORM FITTING.  It looks good when it is loose and you have room to move.

They will shrink.  Also, these are for promotions mostly, as you will probably wear t-shirt during class.  I have sized them so there is room to move and to allow growth.  Wash it, shrink it and know that I am aware of the sizing.  You may need to make some adjustments in regards to length.  Unfortunately, uniforms come in basic sizes that are mostly about waist/chest size.  They are not tailored unless you make them tailored!  There should be free movement with zero restriction in shoulder or thigh.  If it strains at the thigh, it is too small.  Punching should also be unrestricted.  We are doing active martial arts in these uniforms, not attending a business meeting.  It requires different movement.  Imagine wearing a suit to do yard work…not only would it be hot, but very restrictive in the movement of your arms and legs.

I believe that many people are used to wearing a gi that is too small, and it is another note I am taking as we head into another cycle.  Thanks for helping me gain wisdom and improve our program.

For those who normally wear a size 5 gi, I have been having trouble getting those and have been informed they will be in at the end of July.  You will have a uniform to wear, I just may need to replace the size for you later.  This applies to adults only and should not be an issue for kids.



What should I wear for the Spectacular?

WEAR ANY WORKOUT CLOTHES FOR PRACTICE! Do not wear what you will wear to the spectacular for practice! DO NOT BRING YOUR GEAR BAG AT ALL ON FRIDAY!

PERFORMERS: Wear an SCS tee with the current logo on it, we would prefer a Black One (RISE If you have it), Gi Pants and your New Black Belt Gi, pressed. We recommend a black tee or tank underneath. Make yourself look really nice. Current Black Belts should have their Black Belt Gi with them as well for the belt awarding ceremony.

NEW BLACK BELTS: Wear Your New Uniform For The Whole Show So That You Stand Out. Wear a plain black tee under it.

FOR DEMO: Scs Gi Tee, Gi Pants And Belt (Those Promoting Will Wear Their Black Belt Gi) if you have a Rise Tee, wear that!

BLACK BELTS: Students Who Are Already Black Belts Should Plan On Bringing Their Full Gi For The Awarding Of The Belts.  If you are a Black Belt already plan on wearing the shirt as noted in the Performers section above.

When is the Show Again?  Do I need a ticket?

Doors open at 6:00 PM The show will last about an hour and a half. We will have cake and punch afterwards for everyone to enjoy. TICKETS: There will be reserved seating. More information to come. Each Black Belt will have four VIP tickets included with their Black belt package. Donations benefit Project Sparrow. Performers do not need a ticket.

What is Project Sparrow?

Sometimes families run into financial hardships and rather than making them quit or having their account sent to collection, we pay the tuition for them for a period of time to help them get back on track and keep them working towards their goals and experiencing the benefits of training in the martial arts at SCS. Collecting for Black Belt Spectaculars helps us to offset a fraction of those costs. Throughout the past 14 years, SCS has helped hundreds of students through this program. We almost always have about $2400 per month going out in Sparrow funds. We really appreciate your donation to this worthy cause.

What about Photos and Videos?  Do I need to record and take a ton of pictures?

After the Spectacular, I hope to collect the photos, videos, slideshows, etc. and put them on a the thumb drive for each of you.  For students in past spectaculars, I am working on getting all the videos/photos to you as well.  There will be a photographer, Mr. David Beam on hand.  (He is Madison’s dad and married to Keira’s mom)  I also hope to have a video.  I cannot guarantee the quality.  (Last Spectacular, we had the video set up and it somehow got set to take photos of the event, so we have 28 million photos of the show, which makes for some interesting facial expressions captured!)

Please do not record the slideshow or the Get to Know portion.  We will have those available immediately after the show on our Facebook Pages and Youtube.  We will share them on the announcement page.

When do I get a fancy certificate to hang on my wall?

We will be awarding the certifications about 30 days after the Spectacular during class. You must be attending classes regularly to be awarded your certification. Sensei will communicate with you so that you can have family and friends come watch you.

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