We are trying to organize all the information for the November 3, 2018 Black Belt Candidates.

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Please complete this form if you intend on or are considering participating in the upcoming Black Belt Cycle.

Here are some important dates we have planned.  Please see below for the form to complete if you have a challenge with any dates.


JUNE 2018

June 30 Final Day for Submissions for Date Challenges.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

JULY 2018

Friday, July 13 7:00 pm November 3 Black Belt Spectacular Candidate Meeting (We will livestream on a private Youtube link if you can’t make it. Watch for details.)


Saturday, July 28:  Black Belt Candidate Boot Camp (watch for details)


Friday, August 10:  Candidate Classes Start

Friday, August 17:  Candidate Class

Saturday, August 25:  PreCheck 1

Friday, August 31:  Candidate Class


Friday, September 7:  Candidate Class

Saturday, September 15:  PreCheck 2

September 21:  Candidate Class

Friday, September 28:  Candidate Class


Friday, October 5:  Candidate Class

Saturday, October 13:  Final Exam

Friday, October 26- Saturday, October 27:  Power Weekend (watch for details)


Friday, November 2:  Spectacular Prep/NO REGULAR CLASSES (watch for details)

Saturday, November 3:  Black Belt Spectacular (watch for details)

Monday, November 5- Tuesday, November 6:  Jacob Wolfman of Martial Studios will be here for photographs (see info here)


Saturday, December 8:  Black Belt Candidate Boot Camp (watch for details)


Friday, January 4:  Candidate Classes Begin


We learned in the last cycle that with so many students in cycle, change is inevitable.  Other sports do not consider your needs/concerns/schedules, you are basically at their beck and call.  We never want to be that way, and try to accommodate our team, because that’s what we are, a team.

We have decided to implement this policy:  If you need a change in the dates, you must inform us no later than June 30.  The final dates will go out at the July 13 meeting.  Any schedule change requests after June 30 will not be considered.

  • Use this form to communicate any  schedule challenges.
  • Each date that you need to make a submission for must be submitted separately.
  • A submission is not a guarantee that your challenge will be accommodated.  We will do our best, but we have already optimized the schedule to its capacity.
  • Remember you can miss two candidate classes without penalty.  You may not miss any of the exams (pre-checks, final exam, power weekend, black belt spectacular, mandatory practices).