US Open: Paul Mitchell Experience

Here is the information regarding the Paul Mitchell Experience so you can choose what you want to do during each session!

It’s Thursday, July 4 at 10 am (EST) and is in the Coronado Ballroom.  There are three sessions. If they give details I will update it here.

We are really excited.

  • Don’t forget your Blue SCS Shirt (If you have one)
  • wear pants you can workout in (they don’t need to be gi pants)
  • weapons,
  • a water bottle
  • and a great attitude.
  • Also, bring some healthy snacks.
  • Three hours is a long time to work hard.  Parents, we usually hang out here and I sort out the bands and such, but we have so much fun watching the kids, taking photos and enjoying what they are doing with pros, it flies by!  However, we understand you may need to head out for a bit.  Be sure one of us knows you’re going and when to expect you back so the kids don’t worry.
  • This year Kyleigh is on a team and they have practice. Renshi or I will be with her.

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