Minute Message: July 25, 2018

Good morning!

This Minute Message is about Appreciation.  Appreciating your coaches, trainers, teachers.  With every sport or activity, it is a challenge to communicate with parents. It’s a challenge to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.  It’s not just with martial arts!  Soccer, football, scouts, dance, art classes, yoga, every activity has its own issues.

So, as we get ready to head back to school, take a moment to appreciate the good things before you start complaining.  Chances are there are way more good things going on than you realize.

It’s easy to find things to complain about… “I don’t understand…” “I don’t like…” “I wish…” “I want…” “I hate…” “If you could just…” “If they would just…” “It would be easier for me if…”

It’s also easy to find things to appreciate!  Try it and see which one makes you feel better!

“I’m glad there’s toilet paper!”  “I love to see my child moving and exercising.” “I’m glad they can wear tee shirts in this hot weather.”  “It’s nice to have a variety of times available to me so we can enjoy spending time with friends and family.”  “I like that the seating area is air conditioned!”  “At least I don’t have to spend all day in the sun waiting for my child’s game!”

Try it out on everything you find yourself complaining about and see how appreciating things changes your outlook.  God wants us to be thankful!  Try it today!

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