Next Saturday, from 10 am to 12 noon                                                       will be our annual nerf wars to kick of back to school.


  • Bring your own Nerf Guns and projectiles.  (projectiles are the “bullets” for the Nerf Gun.  Some are not bullets, some are discs, so I’m saying projectiles because it covers it all)
  • Safety glasses are recommended.
  • This is not a drop off event.
  • Label your gear or count your projectiles and just pick up that many that are like yours.
  • Please do not bring the giant nerf bullets or the cross bow/arrow type ones.
  • Parents will need to be the “nerf repairman (or woman).”
  • At 11:30, we will all team up for cleanup and then on your way out, Ice Cream Sodas will be served.  We will have two non-caffeinated kinds of soda, root beer and orange soda.  If you would prefer a diet version or something other than what we are offering, you are welcome to bring your own.  😀
  • Please complete this form.  Siblings are invited to attend.  This is not for the community, but for our dojo family to have one last bit of fun before school begins.