Black Belt Candidate PreCheck #2

Black Belt Candidate Precheck #2

  • Saturday, September 15
  • 9:00 am
  • Full Gi Required
  • Bring all gear and running clothes and shoes.
  • This should last about 2.5 hours or slightly less.
  • Please turn in your Black Belt Fees this weekend.  If you are not expected to promote, you will find out during your meeting this week and your payment will be returned to you.  Please complete this form.

We will cover all the material from Precheck #1 and

  • Short Two
  • Short Three
  • 1-10 Count Kicking
  • Chuk 2
  • Run needs to be under 18:30 at this run to continue in cycle.  There will not be a retest option.

We will be having a Creative Form Seminar next Friday for our candidates.  We will be focusing a lot on that.  We will not have Creative Forms performed at this precheck.  This is for learned material.


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