Weapons: Chuks

We will be offering the following weapons from this point on. 

In the past, we have offered custom weapons, and it went well for many years, but then a few orders created chaos.  Therefore, we are offering only certain colors and styles of weapon.

Chucks:  We begin using the foam versions at Purple Belt.  They are included in the BBC Enrollment.  If you want a better version after you have practiced and gotten used to them, here are some great options.

We offering Buki Yuushuu nunchakus to our students.  They are top of the line, used by many world competitors.

There are three color options:

Wooden Nunchaku:  Good for tricking, we offer three color options with our speed nunchaku.  They are connected with parachute cord and last a really long time.  You may add a custom name to your weapons for an additional $10 charge.

$55 (does not include custom name)


  • 1) Red with Black & Silver Accents
  • 2) Silver with Red & Black Accents
  • 3) Black with Red & Silver Accents

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