SCS Martial Arts Academy. Ages 5 to Adults. Mixed Martial Arts with focus and respect

SCS Martial Arts Academy. Ages 5 to Adults. Mixed Martial Arts with focus and respect

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SCS Belt Graduation

updated October 24, 2019

If you have a Green Stripe, you may be eligible for graduation in August. If you pass your test, you will also have a Red Stripe on your belt.

Please wear full gi (uniform, not a tee shirt) to graduation night.

Parent and Student Form Here

Teacher Form Here

Remember, it’s not just about attendance, but also about knowledge of material (practice), fitness, performance of material, as well as behavior and attitude during the exam period (between the last exam and this exam). Some people with Blue Stripes may not be ready!


  • Click here for Rank Requirements.
  • Current Kata:
    • Lil Champions:
      • White: Lil Champion Form One
      • Advanced Lil Champions: Tiger Kata
    • Beginners:
      • White Belts: Appreciation Form
      • Yellow Belts: Dragon Kata
      • Orange Belts: Form One
    • The Intermediate & Advanced Katas are on a Rotating Curriculum, you can click here to find out more about it.
      • Purple – Green Belts: Chuk Form One
      • Brown – High Red Belts: Chuk Form Two
      • Black Belts – American Bo Form
  • Please wear full gi (uniform, not a tee shirt) to graduation night.
  • You will be examined during your class.
  • In the past, our exams have taken place during regular class, where we finish with a spotlight on those being examined and it kind of blended with the class, with a focus on A and B Days.  As with the past few exams, Students will have two opportunities to test during this exam period.  In this exam, we will be having the students who are testing pulled to the side to be perform for Sensei so he can put them through their paces more thoroughly.  Parents are encouraged to watch.  This is important because Renshi can then give the proper feedback on whether it would be best to wait until the next promotion (November) or to retest again another day.   Students who are not familiar with their kata will likely have their goal reset.  The idea is to learn the chunks of the kata and practice it for retention, not cram it in at the end by learning it from a video.  He will also test them on their fitness and various self defense practices that they have learned in class.  He will also test their kicking and combination abilities.  All kicks must be above the belt.
    • Students will be tested in class on these factors:
    • Attendance and Commitment (you must attend a certain number of classes, be prepared for class with belt, on time, have equipment, etc. see here for details on class attendance requirements)
    • Knowledge of Material (ability to perform and recall techniques and kata taught in class and practiced outside of class)
    • Performance of Material (power, focus, details, confidence, kiais)
    • Behavior and Attitude (do you demonstrate black belt excellence in class, are you focused and willing to learn, are you modest, encouraging, positive)
    • School/Parent Responses (do your parents and school teachers (if in school) agree that you deserve to receive a new rank)
    • Anything Else Renshi Deems Necessary.
  • Students promoting to High Red Belt are eligible begin their initial cycle in November 2019, as the current one is already underway.  There will be a meeting in November to discuss the upcoming cycle. This will give you some tools you need to be able to prepare for your cycle.  Cycle dates for the cycle you are eligible for will be updated by the end of September.  Thank you for your patience.  You can find more information about Black Belt Cycle here (this is continually updated).
  • During this promotion, teacher forms will be required for students in grades K-6.  Click here for a link to send to the teacher.  

Graduation Night will be Thursday, November 14

  • 5:45 Lil Champions
  • 6:30 Juniors All Levels
  • 7:30 Adults All Levels (Adults not promoting may attend this class as well!)
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