We’re up here in the Tennessee mountains (I think that’s why I’m struggling to breathe.). And here’s a workout for you!!

Use #jubileeopen and take a photo or video to post or email it to me. Crissi.boyer@me.com


Warm up


Do each of the following four exercises 10 times total (so if using both sides, you will do 5 with each side), then 20 times, then 30, then 20 and finish with 10 each

1.jumping jacks

2.Front kicks (total)

3.Seal jacks (clap your hands like a seal in front of you as you jump your feet like jumping jacks)

4.Skaters (total) (with right foot, jump to side, then swing left foot behind you, repeat with left foot, swinging right leg behind)

Block 1

1 beginner kata three times

(Appreciation form, dragon kata or form one)

Focus on details such as stances, blocks and chambers.

Block 2

10 Jump squats

10 Power crunches

10 total Spider man plank pushups

Repeat three times

Block 3

Practice one other kata that you know (open hand or weapons) in the same way you did above.

Block 4

Combat sprint

50 knee strikes

4 side leg lifts each side

40 knee strikes

6 side leg lifts each side

30 knee strikes

8 side leg lifts each side

20 knee strikes

10 side leg lifts each side

10 knee strikes

12 side leg lifts each side

Video for clarification: