• Precheck #2
  • Saturday, February 9
  • 9 am
  • Wear full gi
  • Bring running clothes and shoes
  • If it’s cold, we will run. If it’s raining we will run. If there is lightning, we will not run!
  • Yes, this is long, but it is important.

Hello, team! I will be continuing to add to this throughout the week as I think of new information that may be helpful for your Precheck.

MOST RECENT UPDATE 1/31/19 4:48 pm

Everyone should be increasing the amount of work you’re entering on your training logs, your kicks should be higher, stronger, faster. Your katas should be approaching perfections. Your run times should be getting easier!

As always, I recommend videoing yourself to evaluate the details. Here are some important things that always need to be checked.

  • Check stances
  • Watch fists
  • Tiger Eyes
  • Pushups
  • Practice katas and video yourself
  • Evaluate your stances, chambers, strikes, blocks (in other words, details)
  • Make sure you are kiai-ing!
  • Focus on the details
  • (Watch for more… I left my list at the dojo and I am typing from home!)
  • Don’t shortcut punches, be sure to do them full, with full chambers on each strike
  • When you are blocking, be sure you are focusing on the details, chambers, tight fists. Inner and outer blocks should have the back of the fists facing front, not the sides or fingers. Upper blocks should have a slight angle above the head and should not be resting on the forehead. Lower blocks should come from the opposite ear. If the block crosses on the chamber, the blocking arm should come from the outside of the block rather than the inside close to the body.
  • Be sure to practice so you are confident in the material, it is noted when you are watching others.
  • Keep back straight when doing square horse stances. Focus on chamber and tucking the butt under to maintain a straight back and balance.
  • Be sure to use your Kiais and bring spirit and energy!
  • If you are having to adjust your pants in order to have room to kick, you need bigger pants. Please email Ms. Crissi to order a new size.
  • At this point in your training, you need to be working on the katas you were not tested on in the last PreCheck. If you are struggling with the ones from before, you are not ready for Black Belt this cycle.
  • Any missed classes must be made up by PreCheck. We offer many options for classes, including Hyper Class.

During this precheck, this is the material you will be tested on. We will be sure to cover the *’d material during candidate class on Friday:

  • Appreciation Form
  • Dragon Kata
  • Form One
  • Short Two
  • Short Three
  • Basic Bo Form
  • Chuk Form Two
  • American Bo Form for 2nd Degrees and above
  • Bookset for 2nd Degrees and above
  • 1-4, 1-6, 1-8 Count Kicking
  • 1-10 Count kicking
  • 2 Count Basics
  • 1-2-3 Count Kicking
  • Willpower
  • Encouragement of Others
  • Attitude
  • Focus
  • Fitness
  • Run time must be two miles under 18 minutes. (In order to be at the required time of under 17 by the Final Exam, safely, we must have timing standards. Under 17 for Final Exam. Final Exam will be the last chance for those still in cycle.)
  • Punches/Strikes
  • Details
  • Willingness to apply what is given
  • Self Defense
  • Anything you have learned since white belt may be included in this exam, however, we will only test on the katas shown above.

If you are truly doing your training as demonstrated in your training logs, you will be getting closer to your goals. Training logs should not have empty spaces on them except on the rest day.

Remember to be drinking lots of water and eating well. What you put into your body in the days leading up to Precheck will fuel you through the exam. Don’t wait until Friday to apply this. Start on Wednesday and plan your breakfast for Saturday to be lean, whole grains, fruits and proteins rather than a traditional southern breakfast.

After this Precheck, the numbers on the pumping kicks and fitness should increase to 75 per day, with one rest day. If you are already at under 17 for your run time, you should continue as is. If you are struggling or no where near 17 minutes for the two miles, you should increase your runs and perhaps increase the distance to help you achieve your run time goal. Incorporating sprints into your running can also help lower your time.

Let me reiterate: Training logs should not have empty spaces on them except on the rest day.

Remember, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is not going to lead you to success. Students are reminded that they are earning a black belt, not parents, and it is up to them to demonstrate that they are willing and ready to become that black belt. It’s not a race, it’s a journey! For a more thorough explanation of this, you may read this: A Black Belt Is

Thank you for sharing your family with us. We are honored and blessed to have you along with us and look forward to awarding your black belt when you are ready!