Friday, February 15 Schedule

  • Friday, February 15 Schedule
    • 4:00 Lil Champions and Junior Beginners ONLY
    • 4:45 Juniors Purple and Above and Adults All Levels
    • 5:30 Hyper 1
    • 6:15 Hyper 2
    • 6:15 Tournament Prep Class This Week
    • 7:00 Candidate Class

You can find out more information about all the other events on our announcement page!

Lil Champions and Beginners only at 4:00! Intermediates and Advanced may attend the 4:45 class.

Got new gear? Sizing information here.

Wanna take advantage of the great rate for the Jubilee Open? Registration and information here.Who should sign up for the Jubilee Open? You! We’ll help you sign up and add more information in the next couple of weeks.

Shirts will be in soon. We were just able to get enough orders this last week.

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