If your student has a Green stripe on one end of his or her belt, that means they are eligible to test.

Please understand this does not mean they have passed. They need to know material and need to have had enough classes to pass.

What material?

Rotating Curriculum

Gear Requirements

If your student has a Blue stripe, there is some things you’ll need to do!

  1. Congratulations! Make sure you attend classes during the weeks of November 4-13 where you’ll be tested in class to see where you are in the process. Renshi or Ms. Crissi will check you and you may be awarded a red stripe or you may be told what to work on. You will have two opportunities for testing during these weeks! So you get one chance to test and not pass and one chance to try again, otherwise, you will be tested again in August. (Blue Stripe)
  2. Please complete this form for students and adults.
  3. If you are in grades Kindergarten through Sixth Grade at school or homeschool, please have a school teacher complete this form. You can email them. This is not required during the month of August.
  4. When you have passed, you will be awarded a red stripe. This means you have passed and you will receive a new belt at graduation night, which is Thursday, November 14.
  5. The times are 5:45 Li’l Champions | 6:30 Juniors All Levels and 7:30 Adults All Levels
  6. We understand this is a Wednesday Graduation, therefore if there is a problem with the date or time, please let us know. We will attempt to set up an alternate time.