April 27 Black Belt Spectacular

Don’t miss this incredible show!  

Get Your Tickets Here!

Shihan Sgarlata will be here to award Sensei his new rank! 

Receiving new ranks:

  • Sensei Sam Boyer, 5th Degree
  • Ms. Catherine Barnhart, 3rd Degree
  • Jacob Cooper, 2nd Degree
  • Jacob Stallworth, 1st Degree

Get Your Tickets Here!

Saturday, April 27|1:00 pm

Proceeds from this event benefit Project Sparrow. Donations will be accepted at the show by cash or check. See below to find out more about Project Sparrow.


Sometimes families run into financial hardships and rather than making them quit or having their account sent to collection, we pay the tuition for them for a period of time to help them get back on track and keep them working towards their goals and experiencing the benefits of training in the martial arts at SCS. Collecting for Black Belt Spectaculars helps us to offset a fraction of those costs. Throughout the past 12 years, SCS has helped hundreds of students through this program. We almost always have about $2400 per month going out in Sparrow funds. We really appreciate your donation to this worthy cause. 

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