These are checklists to prepare students for class.


  • Uniform (must be an SCS Tee or Gi Top with Gi pants)
  • Karate Belt
  • Is my shirt tucked in?
  • Have I used the bathroom and gotten a drink? I won’t be able to go during class.
  • Am I arriving a few minutes early for class? We totally understand that sometimes people are late however, kids feel more confident and get a safe, enjoyable warm up when they are on time. It also helps them be more focused. If you are more than ten minutes late, it’s probably better to come to another day.
  • Do I have shoes I can wear into the building? Many people feel it’s okay to go barefoot from the car into the dojo, however we want to make sure everyone is safe. We do our best to keep the dojo clean and sanitize the mats regularly with natural cleansers that kill Flu and Aids. Please help us make sure it’s safe for the next class coming in as well. Here’s some potential nastiness that you could bring in with you. Read them and then think about doing pushups on the mat after someone has come in from outside without shoes. You will be asked to wash your feet, if we see you.
  • Gear bag (if you have received it)
    • Cup for boys (must be worn on B Days)
    • Mouthguard (please boil it before you come to class
    • Be sure you know how to put it on (click here for detailed information and video)

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