Hyper Weapons Camp

June 24 through 27

There are a few spaces available! Register here.


Daily agenda:

8:50 am Doors Open

9:00 Warm Up

9:15 Solid Foundations/Form/Combos/Tricks

10:30 Snack

10:45 Form/Combos/Tricks

12:00 Lunch

12:15 Learning/ Solid Foundations/Form/Combos/Tricks

2:00 Pick Up

What to Wear: Clothes you can move around in. You will be exercising and training and doing tricks. Wear modest shorts or workout clothing.

What to Bring: Any allergy issues, please bring specific instructions on what to do if a reaction occurs and the order of contact. We do have some campers with allergies, so be sure to not share food and clean up after yourself and wash your hands before and after eating.

Please bring your own lunch

Please bring your own snack and a refillable bottle for water.

We have gatorades you may want to purchase or bring your own. We do have refrigeration available.

Bring only the weapon we are working that day. If you don’t have one, we will likely have one to borrow.

You may text Ms. Crissi with any further questions at 251-458-6111

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