We are adjusting the schedule because of low attendance in certain classes and staff schedule adjustments.

Based on your feedback, we adopted very minimal changes.

We always try to offer a variety of times for everyone’s schedules to accommodate for those who can attend earlier classes and those who need a later time.

Here are the changes we have done.

  1. Lil Champions will not have two options on Tuesday/Thursday, but they will have options each day. The Tuesday/Thursday at 3:45 is not changing, but the Monday/Wednesday will now be at 5:30.
  2. On Monday and Wednesday, we will offer two combined classes for Purple through Black Belt Juniors.
  3. We have adjusted the Jiu Jitsu times to accommodate those who can’t make the early time.
  4. We have adjusted the Monday Jiu Jitsu class for adults to an earlier time, as this is where fundamentals are learned.
  5. We will be offering an adult fitness class that you will need to sign up for. For the first week, we will offer this for free to anyone interested, after that it will be available to students as a benefit of training, but others may attend for a fee.
  6. We are no longer affiliated with Hyper, so we have changed the name of the class to CMX. It is a similar class.

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