SCS Martial Arts Academy. Ages 5 to Adults. Mixed Martial Arts with focus and respect

SCS Martial Arts Academy. Ages 5 to Adults. Mixed Martial Arts with focus and respect

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Stay Up To Date with Spark Member

Because we want the best experience for our students, we are upgrading our Student Operating System to Spark!

It’s got an app for you to be able to do many things! As we get transitioned, we may need to collect your payment information again to make sure it’s up to date in the system. We will be contacting those we need information from over the next few weeks.

There is a great app for you and it’s one of the reasons we switched!

Download the Member App for Apple and Android based phones.

The app will allow you to…

* See all of our announcements and upcoming events
* View class curriculum (for when we offer online classes) *Check out the Curriculum Module (at the bottom of the app) for information on Student Creeds, Dojo Protocol, Rank Requirements and more!
* Register for our events
* View payment, rank and attendance history (when we get it all transferred)
* Refer your friends
* Quick access to our class schedule (and even schedule your classes to get a reminder).
* and more!

Download the App Here:

Be sure to write down Your Log in Credentials:

How To:

  1. After you download the app, choose this:

2. Then enter your information.

3. After you have entered it, it may kick you out and the screen may turn black. (We know…that’s annoying!) But it may be that it just wants you to login in with the email and password you entered!

4. Enter the app again and re-enter your email and password, if you are one of those unfortunate people (like Renshi) who has to enter it again, I’m sorry! But please do it, it will help so much and you will love it!

5. You should then be able to see announcements on the welcome screen, or follow the tutorial if you’d like.

6. There is a CURRICULUM tab at the bottom of the main page that will allow you find information like Student Creed, etc. (If it shows nothing, it’s just that I need to activate that part of the app for you. I try to do that at least once a day as we are all getting into the system!)

7. The weird bar code thing at the top is to “check in” at the studio. We’re figuring that out. Thanks for your patience!

8. There is so much that you will be able to do as we get all the information transferred! Then we will give a more thorough overview of its capabilities.

9. FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13 workout! Here’s a video to show how to find it!

Thank you for being part of our dojo family! We are excited about how this new program will help us work together to track progress and communicate better!

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