Friday, November 8 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a snack and drink. Be focused.

Saturday, November 9

It is the goal to not have to have a real practice on Saturday. However, we will want a quick run through.

Participants are asked to arrive at 12:00 noon. We will open the doors to the public at 1:30.

Wear practice clothes for practice.

For the show, here are the dressing requirements:

Carter, Cole and Stephen: Will wear their new uniforms the whole night. You may want a plain black tee or tank under the uniform top. You will receive them tonight.

Current Black Belts: For the performance, you will wear your gi pants and belt along with one of the new SCS Tees (not the rise ones) let us know if you don’t have one. For the Black Belt Awarding, you will wear your full uniform.

Performers: You will wear one of the new SCS Tees with your belt and gi pants. Let us know if you don’t have one. These are not the ones that say Rise on them.

The spectacular is a production and you will need to stay focused and take care of yourself. Be sure to listen to directions. Any fooling around will not be tolerated.

Performers do not need a ticket to the show.

Families may get tickets and find out more information here.