Renewal Specials

We’re celebrating our Black Belt Spectacular, 15th Anniversary, 100th Black Belt and More all in one! Don’t miss these offers! Some expire today!

Many of you are not due for renewal until February or March, so why am I offering this early?

Well, we offer renewal specials with the best rates at 90 days out. After the 90 days, it goes up by $100, so I hate to see you miss out! Another reason is that with Christmas coming, many may want to purchase gear for Christmas, and right now that is a huge savings.

ANNUAL RENEWAL FOR OUR February and March BBC Students. Regular rate $1510 if paid in full. Pay now and save! Click for details! Extended to November 14!

FAMILY OFFER FOR NEW AND EXISTING FAMILIES. Hurry! Ends today! Sorry, you missed it.

WERE YOU INVITED TO BBC? Beginners! Save by 11/15/19!

READY TO BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY? Save $20 per month! Hurry ends 11/22/19!

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