SCS|Cares Safety Tip 1

When I was in school, we had to memorize our phone number, our address and make sure we knew how to use the phone for an emergency.

In today’s day of cell phones where all the information is at our fingertips, it has become less important to memorize things like phone numbers or addresses. And it seems silly to imagine our kids don’t know how to call 911. Just dial it, right? And are addresses really necessary? The dispatcher can see where you are, right?

Unfortunately, the world is not getting safer, and it’s getting worse and worse with kids. It’s almost as if its easy for perversions to be satisfied… but that’s another topic. This is about keeping your kids as safe as you can.

Imagine the unthinkable happened and your child was kidnapped. Then imagine that they were able to get away. What would they do if they got to a phone?

We need to help them have a plan for this and to know how to contact someone.

Please make sure your kids, no matter how old, know how to get ahold of you. And what to do if they get separated from you.


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