Welcome to 2020!

We’re back to regular classes tonight and we can’t wait to see you!

Did you write down your victories from 2019? There is no victory too small to make your list! You will feel very proud of yourself and it will motivate you to do the next task on your agenda!

Now write down your goals for 2020! The idea is to make your 2020 goals list transition into your 2020 victories at the end of the year! Make them SMART Goals!

What are SMART goals?

S – Specific. Make them as detailed as possible.

M – Measurable. You should be able to measure your progress towards your goal. It will help keep you on track.

A – Attainable. They should be realistic goals. Don’t set the bar higher than is reasonable.

R – Relevant and Realistic. They should be relevant to your life. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

T – Time Specific. Make sure you set a deadline for your goals. After all a goal is just a dream with a deadline!

Looking forward to an incredible year! Thanks for being part of our dojo family!