With the new mask 😷 order in Alabama, we want to ask our students to please wear one coming in and out of the dojo.

We have a few in stock. Please let me know ASAP if you want a super cool, super comfy Team SCS mask! $5 each

You will not be required to wear it while training.

With all the uncertainties of this pandemic, we are doing our part to follow guidelines. Thank you for understanding and allowing us to respect our government and our community so that we can continue to help others become the champions they are meant to be.

  • 1) no you don’t have to wear a mask to workout.
  • 2) young children don’t have to wear a mask in or out of the dojo.
  • 3) we won’t turn you away if you’re not wearing one.
  • 4) please feel free to read up on the state guidelines regarding exercise as we are trying our best to follow the standards set by local, state and federal guidelines.
  • 5) thank you for respecting others.