1. For information on the Germ Games, click here. https://www.mataction.com/Germ-Games#reg_card
  2. Watch the for information on how to watch the Germ Games online.
  3. First Timers will not be shown online.

Germ Games August 29 and 30

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: THURSDAY, AUGUST 27TH @ MIDNIGHT CST! All registered competitors will receive schedule and Zoom login information on Friday, August 28th.

Information here will be updated as we receive it.

Competitors Click Here for Instructions

Spectators Click Here for Instructions

Click Here for Results (updated on Monday)

If you are competing, please read this section.

Here is a sheet that shows our competitors and their rings for the event. The link is to the order of the ring.

Feel free to come practice at the dojo during at 6:30 CMX Class (please register online like you do for normal classes). We will be happy to help you with your kata and make sure you are feeling strong about your performance for the event.

Bring your uniform and belt. You will be competing in your belt and uniform, so you won’t want to forget it. You may want to have other clothes with you to keep it neat. Go ahead, iron it, make it look great! You will feel stronger and more powerful!

Bring drinks and snacks and maybe even plan on going to pick up take out. During the event, you will want snacks and drinks. We have a refrigerator available, but we currently are not stocking drinks and snacks, so bring some of your favorites with you and maybe even plan to go for takeout during the day. We will set up some tables and chairs so that people have hangout areas away from the competition area.


UPDATED! If you are competing, please follow these directions to find out your zoom room and time and send it to Ms. Crissi by Friday Night!

  • Go to http://www.mataction.com
  • login
  • go to your name in upper right corner
  • click my orders
  • scroll down to my attendance
  • click view under registration (blue box)
  • scroll to bottom where divisions are and take a photo or screen shot
  • text that to 251-458-6111
  • it should look like this:

You should have received an email with a lot of information from the Fever Frenzy. Please read through it, it gives a lot of information.

I will take the information that shows the Name, Division, Time and Zoom Room and compile them into a list for us to use at the dojo that will help organize us to be able to make sure we don’t miss any divisions and that we can be organized.

You can print this PDF of all the divisions here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19KLPlfc_u01poitjb_QugBu22zWetJHG/view

We will be at the dojo at 8:30 to prepare for competition. You don’t need to be there for the whole thing, but do plan to come early so you can warm up and encourage others at the dojo.

Because of the new mask ordinance, we should all do our best to wear them if possible and social distance. No, it won’t be enforced, but we will be considerate of others who would like to.

How does competition work? This is a unique way of competing, but we love the format of it and the way we can encourage others to be part of the event.

What will happen is that you will receive the email I mentioned above and you will get to the dojo 30-60 minutes before your scheduled session. Your division may be at the beginning of the session or more towards the end, and they may run behind because of difficulties or judge changes or having more competitors than they expected. The reason they cut off the registration on Thursday is so that they can organize it.

During that session, we will log in to the Zoom Room on one of our phones so that we can be ready for your event. We will have a phone for each Zoom Room (there will be two for the competition). The rooms are similar to rings at a tournament. When it’s your turn, the announcer will call your division. The names of the competitors in the division will be checked in and shuffled. The order will be given (usually really quickly) and we will be ready and waiting for the announcer to call our name and start the audio on the device. You will perform and sometimes she or he will want to speak to you. After you have competed, you wait for the division to finish and then the judges announce the scores.

Regardless of your placing, you will receive a Division Certificate in your mailbox within an hour or two of your division that you can proudly share to social media! Please forward these emails to crissi.boyer@me.com so we can shout it out loud about your hard work and dedication and bravery to compete!

Spectators, please read this section.

We will post the links where you can see what divisions are running and what is going on later this evening when we receive the details.

There will be different sessions, so look for the Live notification and be sure you are watching a current room and not a pre-recorded room. You will be able to go back later and watch them as well.

This will be shared live on the SportMartialArts.com site.

You can watch and share it on Facebook at SportMartialArts.

You can watch it on YouTube at SportMartialArts channel.

CMX Class

Today we will be offering an open mat for anyone to train forms. Anyone participating in the tournament or who would be interested in competing in the future is welcome to attend. Please register for the 5:30 CMX Class today.

High Red and Above Class

We will offer an open mat for you to work on kata, train, use weights, etc. This is for high red belts and above. You may use any equipment and work with people within your family if you would like to do pad work or sparring. Please register for this class so we can limit the number of people in the class.