SCS Martial Arts Academy. Ages 5 to Adults. Mixed Martial Arts with focus and respect

SCS Martial Arts Academy. Ages 5 to Adults. Mixed Martial Arts with focus and respect

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SCS Fall Invitational

We will be updating information as we need to on our Facebook Event Page. Go to Facebook and search SCS Fall Invitational or click this link.

SCS Fall Invitational Facebook Event

Important Notices

  • If you have head gear, please bring it if you are doing padded sword. We will have some available and it will be sanitized in between uses. We just want to do our best to keep everyone safe.
  • Cheer for everyone!
  • Please practice COVID-19 Safety and wear a mask when you are not competing. Here are the details. As a reminder we are still under a statewide mask mandate and we are doing our part to follow the rules.
  • Please try to park in our parking lot, but if you need to park across the street in the vacant lot, you may. Please do not park in the neighboring businesses. We do have permission to use the spots that face our lot in Susan’s Academy of Dance, but they have a class in the morning, so if you park there, please us the spots that run perpendicular to our building and be sure to leave them space for their students.
  • Wear your full uniform with your belt (no tees, but you can wear one underneath). That could be a black uniform or a white uniform or your Black Belt uniform. Sometimes people like to wear the white uniform for traditional. It is not required.
  • Please tag us in your photos. #scsdojofamily #scsrocks #scsmaaf
  • How do I find out what divisions I’m in and what time I need to be at the dojo for the sessions? Please plan to be at the dojo for the entire time of your session. If you are not there for your division, we cannot hold it for you!
    • 1. Go to
    • 2. Login with your username and password that you’ve created.
    • 3. Scroll down to SCS Fall Invitational. click More Info.
    • 4. Scroll Down to My Attendance
    • 5. Click the blue View Box6. Scroll down to Divisions
    • 7. See your divisions and approximate Times.
  • Lots of information for you to find the answers to your questions here:
  • We have separated the divisions into two rings for the first session.
    • 9 & Under in Ring 1
    • 10-17 in Ring 2
    • Session 2 will all be in Ring 1
  • Watch for more info about our fun event today!

Safety is important.

Alabama is still under a mask order and we want to make sure our students and families are protected as well as they can be.

We will do our sanitization before the event and will do a deep cleaning over the weekend after we have our tournament.

Please wear a mask if you are spectating and sit in the “chair pods” we have arranged. Please feel free to use the spray or Lysol wipes to clean the chairs after you have sat in them so that they are clean for the next people to sit in.Spectators and family and friends are encouraged.

Please practice social distancing during the event and make use of the sanitizer we have around the dojo.

We will be sanitizing any equipment used.

Competitors are encouraged to wear their mask until they step on the mat to compete. You will not need to wear it to compete, but we ask that you wear it as you watch others compete.

We will do our best to keep students and families socially distanced (or as we prefer…tactically distanced) for safety.

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