What is BBC ?

At SCS, we want to set everyone up for success and help them achieve their goals.  We also tend to get very attached to our students and think of every one as family.  So, before you can continue after your first six months (in the solid belt classes), you must be invited to BBC (Black Belt Champions).

You may receive an invitation.  Here is some of the information you need to know:


When it’s time, you’ll receive an invitation that has all the information you need.

You’ll need a good attitude, attendance, focus and for kids, parent support. That’s all you need to be invited.


Before you make a decision, you need to know a few things about this program.

First, Black Belt Champions is a team of individuals who are striving for and dedicated to excellence in all aspects of life.  This invitation is not given to anyone.  You have to earn it.

Second, to continue on in our program after your initial six month agreement, BBC is the only option because you will need a gear package to promote to Purple Belt.  Because we believe that the martial arts can really impact your life, we ask you to make a commitment to yourself and to our program before you purchase equipment.

Equipment must be purchased through SCS to be used at the dojo. This includes gear, uniforms and weapons.

Also, to be clear, any agreement following the initial basic six month agreement is a twelve month agreement or you can lock in your rate for 36 months.


Here are a few of the high points of being a part of our Black Belt Champions program:

  • Black BBC Uniform and BBC Enrollment Package (when you enroll)
  • You can come to three classes a week, but you’re not required to.
  • You may be invited to our Hyper or Jiu Jitsu Classes (small additional fee)
  • You can work special advanced curriculum during class.
  • You get discounts on catalog orders, holiday sale orders and guest instructor seminars.
  • When you move to Purple Belt, you are required to have all your sparring gear.  See Below for details.

When Will I Get My Black Belt?

Every student is different, and you will continue to grow and change in your strengths and weaknesses.  However, if you continue training regularly at your current pace (this date may be adjusted by effort, attitude, attendance or other factors) your Black Belt Target Date can be estimated using this tool.  It also helps you see what you have to look forward to!


When you enroll in BBC, there is an Enrollment fee that covers your upgrade to the program and you’re uniform. $199.00

Sometimes we offer specials that include the gear package. Our current gear package includes.

Gloves C-Sport Washable Gloves 11541 or 11542 $44.99

Shins 11726 $39.99 or 11773 $27.99

Rib Guard 11663 $43.99 (Adults over 18) or 11626 $64.99 (Kids)

Head C-Sport Washable Headgear 11441 or 11442 $59.99

Feet C-Sport Washable Boots 11241 or 11242 $44.99

2 Mouthguards and Case 1451 $1.99 each x 2 and Case 1455 $3.99 (Students with Braces should check with their orthodontist. Each one seems to have different requirements regarding mouthguards. We are not responsible for Braces issues.)

Jump Rope $10 to $30

Foam Nunchakus $10 per pair

Cup for Boys (Men should get their own) $10 to $25

Gear Bag $50 to $70

If purchased separately, the total for this equipment would be: Minimum $410

This is a gear package.  Items cannot be priced out separately for initial purchase.  We often run specials on the BBC Enrollment and gear packages!

Enrollment Fee:  $299 includes upgrade from current program to include three classes per week, plus CMX (if invited).  One time fee.

Certain times of the year, we offer special pricing, but here are the current BBC Rates and Options.

Option 1: Monthly

Enrollment fee: $299 plus equipment $399. One time purchase.

12 Monthly Tuition Payments of $148 automatically deducted from your credit or debit card.

Total Monthly Tuition: $1776

Option 2: Annual Paid in Full

Enrollment fee: $299 plus equipment $399. One time purchase.

1 Payment of $1510.

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