If you would like to be part of our tournament team, whether you would like to compete in the virtual events or in person events, we ask that you complete this form. If you already have, this is an informational page.

There are three different conferences or leagues that we support.


Sport Martial Arts is a virtual circuit that we love to be part of. We get together at the dojo and support each other as the events are hosted on Zoom. You can also do this from your home, but it’s way more fun at the dojo. It’s very inexpensive to be part of it.
There is a registration to be part of the league and each event has a registration. At one point, they offered a great deal on the cost of the annual pass. (Offer extended until 1/3/2021.)

Get ready for the 2021 SMA Virtual Tour Season. Create a profile/account (or log in if you already have one), become a member and get your 2021 Season Pass now! SportMartialArts.com brings you the most comprehensive coverage of open sport karate competition in the world!


PROMAC is a circuit that we have been proud to be part of since 2017. We are honored to be part of the PROMAC Conference with our own Jubilee Open event. If you are looking to be part of a regional circuit and connect with competitors and families, you will love joining our PROMAC family.

The Professional Martial Arts Conference (PROMAC) is a national sport karate circuit primarily based in the United States.

The conference was designed by like-minded individuals with a similar passion for sport martial arts who were weary of the same inconsistencies and inefficiencies from tournament to tournament.

​Over the years, issues such as poorly trained officials, ineffective running of events, complex circuit ratings & rankings, and poor teamwork and promotion have stifled the growth of the tournament industry resulting in a steady decline in new competitor acquisition and retention.

In order for the sport to grow, a dynamic revolution in the way tournament promoters conducted the business of sports martial arts competitions was needed. As a result, PROMAC was founded.

The MISSION of the Professional Martial Arts Conference is to enrich the sport of open martial arts competition through the management and promotion of professional, efficient, customer-focused events.

Conference ratings are for PROMAC events only.


Have you been competing in the PROMAC Conference for a while and are looking for more challenge? Are you interested in being part of the national or world circuit and want to travel, are not afraid of pushing yourself in competition and are ready for growth and friendships, you may be ready for NASKA.

From 1986 to today, NASKA continues to be the leader in “Open Tournament Sport Karate”, in sanctioning North America’s most prestigious karate tournaments and in giving the world’s greatest karate athletes a forum to display, innovate and develop their talents.