August 10, 2021

Dear Parents and Families,

We wanted to let you know about our concerns over the increasing cases of COVID-19 and the variants.

We are not interested in politics and we are not doctors or scientists. We can only go off the recommendations of the various guidance received.

We welcome those who want to wear a mask or don’t want to wear a mask. We welcome vaccinated or unvaccinated.

We encourage social distancing and sanitizing.

We will be doing minimal self defense interactions. If you choose not to, that is fine, you can work a fitness section during that time or work it on your own facing the mirror.

We will continue to sanitize as we always have, cleaning equipment between use and using a Microban cleaner on seating and doorknobs and bathroom areas daily.

We will continue to use the online scheduling. We will be a little more diligent with it as we head back into school.

We want to respect everyone’s beliefs and concerns, so you may see some of us wearing masks while teaching, you may not see us all doing that.

We will be continuing to offer Zoom Classes for our intermediate and advanced students on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 and 6:15. You do not need to sign up for them.

We believe it is up to each individual and their family to decide how to handle their COVID-19 safety.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. As we head back into the school year, you are reminded of a few things:

1) We will be closed August 11 through 13 to allow families to get back into the swing of school.

2) Anyone showing any symptoms are asked to do the online Zoom classes or an at home workout. We will begin sharing these weekly.

3) If you are exposed or have symptoms, we ask that you consult your physician or the CDC website or the Alabama Department of Public Health websites for their guidance as that is what we will be following.

4) Please be respectful of others.

5) Thank you for your patience during this time. We will do our best to help you navigate through any issues you have. If we work together, we can get back to normal more quickly and keep more students and families safe and healthy.

Sensei Crissi Boyer and Renshi Sam Boyer

CDC COVID-19 Information

Alabama Department of Public Health COVID-19 Information