August 25, 2021

Dear Dojo Family,

We recognize the increase in positive cases in our community and want to do everything we can to help slow the spread.

We have received several notifications from dojo families who have someone close to them that has tested positive. Just this morning, we received word that a few people who have been in the dojo recently have tested positive, so our staff is getting tested.

We feel it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of their families and make their own choices regarding health, but we also feel that as a dojo family, we should do all we can to mitigate any possibility of spreading this virus that is severely damaging to some and seemingly nothing to others.

This is not to trigger a debate on vaccinated vs. unvaccinated or mask vs. no mask, as we are not scientists and the information shared by several agencies is so unclear.

What we feel is the best process is to close for the remainder of the week, we will award ranks in class over the coming couple of weeks to allow for everyone who is quarantining resume life.

Several students either tested positive or were in contact with someone who has tested positive so they will be home until they are in the clear, which means many of our classes are lowly attended and the graduations as well.

We will do a deep cleaning on the dojo during this time. See below for an at home workout. Take a photo of you doing your workout for class credit and send it to!

We will have a Candidate Review Session for those who want to attend this Friday at 6:30 (pending negative test results). We will also offer this via Zoom.

When we resume, we will continue our masks encouraged (definitely not required) stance and continue to sanitize as we normally do (and pretty much always have) to keep our dojo as clean and safe as possible.

Should one of our staff test positive, we will resume more of the virtual training.

Thank you for the patience, understanding and love. We appreciate you and will continue to do our best to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

Renshi and the SCS Team




Take a photo of you doing your workout for class credit and send it to!