August 30, 2021

See below for details on graduation and a workout!

Due to several factors, including the Daphne Police Department recommending no unnecessary travel, we have decided to close today.

We will be open tomorrow, and those who earned new ranks will be awarded them during their class. We will extend everyone’s time by one week because of our unexpected issues. Thank you for understanding.

If you are an orange belt, register for the beginner classes, then we will award your new rank and after that you can attend the purple belt classes. 

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding as we navigate this crazy time! Covid, hurricanes, what next?

Here is a workout and a challenge for today. Also I’m missing smiles, so I’d love to see some smiles I can share on our social media stories! <3 

Email or tag us in your social media #scsdojofamily

Today’s workout! Monday, August 30 Workout

Today’s Challenge!Daily Dare

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