Final Exam TONIGHT

Friday, September 10 | 6:00 pm

This Friday at 6:00 is our final exam for our October Candidates!  

Following this exam, we begin preparing for our October 30 Black Belt Spectacular.

Any current Black Belts who would like to come in for sparring or to participate are welcome to! 

Come cheer on the team as we go through our final test for Black Belt!  6:00 pm. 

Participants need to wear full gi, bring weapons and be prepared to spar and run.  

Be sure to wear deodorant!

ALSO!  Black Belt Fees are due.  You can pay and complete the form online or you can pay in person by check or cash.  You need to complete the form either way.  THE FORM HAS BEEN UPDATED AS THERE WAS A WEIRD GLITCH AND I WAS NOT GETTING THE INFORMATION.

Click here for the order form and information.  

We may have some sizes of uniform to try on.  Keep in mind, these will shrink.  They are not supposed to be tight fitting.  There should be room to move.  Nothing is more embarrassing than ripping a pair of pants during class.  Also, give a little grow room.  Kids get taller, etc.  

Due to the cost of shipping and the increased cost of the uniforms, we may not have extras if your ordered size is unavailable.