“ The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights. ”

Arrive to Class on Time

Wear Uniform

Wear Shoes to Class

Zoom Options Available on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 and 6:15 for Intermediate and Advanced Students Only


To maintain a high level of safety in our dojo and to create a positive and respectful Martial Arts training environment, we request our students and their guests follow these guidelines.

Always demonstrate your respect with a formal “bow” as you enter and exit the dojo and matted training areas. Arrive on time to get the proper warm up and mindset for class.
Please place your shoes neatly in the shoe racks.
Respect the property and belongings of others.

Practice good personal hygiene habits. Keep uniforms neat, clean and odor free.
Practice your Black Belt Respect by being well mannered and courteous to others. Listen with your ears and your eyes.
Introduce your guests or visitors to an instructor and show them to the seating area.
Children should always be supervised and attended by an adult or parent unless in class or pre-class warm up. Families in the seating area are asked to keep conversation low so that the class can be focused.
Enter class with energy and demonstrate your enthusiasm for learning.
Demonstrate proper posture and attitude. Exhibit QT “Quick Take-off” and a positive response.
For student safety, NO JEWELRY should be worn on the training floor.
Head bands and sweat bands are permitted. No hats please.
Please no gum chewing in the dojo.
Uniform and Belt should be worn at each class. Approved SCS Tees may be worn. These should be the current design. Uniforms should be clean, odor free and in good repair
Ask instructors for assistance. Other students are here to learn as well., the instructors are here to teach!
Be aware of upcoming events and information by checking the announcements regularly and listening at the end of class
Safety is the number one concern. Students will not be allowed to wait outside for parents.
Parent involvement and encouragement is very helpful in making sure your child progresses and enjoys their training. Try to come in to watch them and comment on their progress. Keep criticisms to a minimum and be sure to follow it up with a praise point!

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