What’s Going On at SCS?

March 2020

updated 3/30/2020

Please See Below for Information on the Following Announcements

  1. COVID-19 Information
  2. Spark App | Parents, this is important that you have this!
  3. Daily Challenges: 3:00 Today, Make Me Laugh! Tell a joke, share a link to a video I should watch, etc. Keep it clean and have fun trying to make me laugh!
  4. Live Workouts: Today!
  5. Please Complete This Survey
  6. Kata Sections 1 and 2 Send a video to 251-458-6111 showing that you have practiced the sections and are showing details.
  7. Weekly At Home Training | Coming soon
  8. Current Black Belt Candidates | Important!
  9. Jubilee Open Information

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” Proverbs 27:12


Text: 251-458-6111

Please use our Spark App and watch social media for announcements.

Here is a link to our page we have dedicated to the COVID-19 Announcements.

Stay up to date with announcements and more on Spark!

Checklists & Information

Gear Information Lil Champ & Beginner ChecklistIntermediate & Advanced Checklist

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