What’s Going On at SCS?

updated 5/20/19

We are trying a new, cleaner approach to announcements to keep people informed and aware.

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Thank you so much to all who made the tournament amazing. To all the set up crew, the parents, the angels who do all my bidding, to all who picked up, shopped, took care of judges, took care of me, SCS could not be more thankful to you. We are truly a family and we are honored and blessed.

MAY 2019

JUNE 2019

  • 3-7 Crazy Hair Week
  • 8 SCS Picnic (watch for details)
  • 10-12 Dodgeball Week
  • 13-14 Dojo Closed for Battle of Atlanta
  • 12-15 Battle of Atlanta Join Us!
  • 17-21 Superhero Week
  • 24-28 Challenge Week

Click each link below for more information.