What’s Going On at SCS?

updated 9/12/2019


NEW! Schedule Adjustment began Tuesday, September 3. click for details

If you ordered shirts, they will be in at the end of next week. We did not order extras in this order.

No Classes this Friday, September 13! We will be taking a team to the Arkansas Open!

No Classes this Friday, September 13! We will be offering a class in our new online app! Click here for more details and how to.

Stripe Testing/Evaluation Week of September 16 During classes we will be evaluating students to check for next belt eligibility and progress.

Students are eligible for stripes based on their testing month. For example, someone who is a Green Belt, eligible for promotion in February would not be eligible for any stripes this month, but they would be eligible for first stripe in October, second in November, etc.

Everyone will be tested for Expected Month of Promotion date. It will be based on knowledge and demonstration that they have practiced current material, as well as maturity, ability and behavior.

Download the photo to see details and anticipate your goals.

NEW! Updated Calendar

NEW! Checklists & Information

Gear Information Lil Champ & Beginner ChecklistIntermediate & Advanced Checklist

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