What’s Going On at SCS?

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  • Spring break, Summer Camps, Tournaments?
  • Got a Yellow Stripe? Get the information below!
  • Friday, March 21 Classes
  • Jubilee Open
  • Upcoming Dates in 2019
  • Mock Tournament on March 23
  • November 2019 Candidate Cycle
  • Gear Information

Interested in Upcoming Events like Camps and Tournaments?

Please complete this form if you’re interested in any of the upcoming tournaments or events!

We’ve got Spring Break Camp, Summer Hyper Camps, Hyper Pro Camp, Tournaments that are regional and national. So many things! Let us know if you want more details!

Exam Weeks and Graduation

Got a Yellow Stripe? This Info is for you!

INFO ON GRADUATION: graduation times, exam forms and more.  Anyone with a yellow stripe is eligible to test.  Orange belts moving to Purple belt must be in BBC to promote because gear is required.  Gear can take a bit of time to come in due to current overseas shipping issues.  There will be a form to complete online for the parents of students under 18, the student (if they are in the adult class) and the teacher if they are in elementary school.  More information will come.

Friday, March 22 Classes

  • 4:00 Lil Champs and White-Yellow-Orange Belt Juniors
  • 4:45 Adults All Levels and Purple through Black Belt Juniors
  • 5:30 Hyper All Levels
  • 6:15 Kickboxing Class for Anyone in the Adult Class (and guests)
  • 7:00 Black Belt Candidate Class|Review and Spectacular Prep

2019 Calendar

March Events

  • 11-20 Exam Weeks (click for details)
  • 15 6:15 Tournament Prep (Sparring and Forms Evaluation)
  • 21  Graduation Night NO REGULAR CLASSES
  • 22 Tournament Prep (Forms Evaluation)
  • 23 Candidate Interviews/Photos/Mock Tournament 10 am to 12 noon

Click here for the 2019 Calendar

November 2019 Candidate Calendar

The November 2019 Candidate Cycle is fast approaching.  Here are the current dates.  Please be sure to let us know if there is a conflict by March 30 by completing the form on the link.  Thank you! 

Don’t Miss the Jubilee Open

Registration and information here .

Who should sign up for the Jubilee Open? You! We’ll help you sign up and add more information in the next couple of weeks.  

Here’s some great information if you need a little extra help!

Got new gear?

Sizing information here.

Reminder! The shirts that say Rise are the only ones that can be worn in class from now on.

Because shirts get dingy and we try to maintain a bit of uniformity, along with the fact that we have offered the shirts that have the large phoenix on the front and the word RiSE for close to a year, we ask that you wear only those shirts in class. We have a few in stock and will be offering a preorder sale on some at the end of next week. If you don’t have one, you are always welcome to wear your gi (uniform) top.