What’s Going On at SCS?

updated 6/2/19

We are trying a new, cleaner approach to announcements to keep people informed and aware.

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MAY 2019

JUNE 2019

  • 3-7 Crazy Hair Week
  • 7 Schedule
    • NEW! June 7 Classes. Regular Classes 4:00 Junior Beginners and Lil Champs|4:45 Juniors Purple to Black and Adults All Levels|5:30 Hyper Bring Nunchuks (if you are planning on joining this session of Hyper, you will need to attend class this week (or last week) to be considered part of this Hyper Session. Our next one will start in August.)
  • 10-12 Dodgeball Week
  • 13-14 Dojo Closed for Battle of Atlanta
  • 12-15 Battle of Atlanta Join Us!
  • 17-21 Superhero Week
  • 24-28 Challenge Week

Click each link below for more information.