Including Summer Fun Weeks!

Friday, May 4: No Candidate Class!  May the Fourth Be With You!

Wear your Star Wars Shirt and be ready for some Jedi Training during classes today.

  • 4:00 Beginners
  • 4:45 Junior Intermediate/Advanced
  • 5:30 Hyper 1 and Spectacular Prep (not mandatory, if you can be here, great)
  • 6:15 Hyper 2 and Spectacular Prep (not mandatory, if you can be here, great)

Saturday, May 5:  Final Exam for Candidates (See details and more here.)

Monday, May 7 – Wednesday, May 16:  Exam Weeks (See here for details!  We are changing the way we do Exams!)

Friday, May 11:    No Hyper Classes!

  • 4:00 Beginners
  • 4:45 Junior Intermediate/Advanced
  • 5:00 Competitive Edge Meet & Greet
  • 5:30 1st Private Lessons Begin
  • 6:45 2nd Private Lessons Begin
  • 7:00 Candidate Class (Outside, Bring Running Shoes)

Saturday, May 12:  Competitive Edge Seminar (See here for details.)

Tuesday, May 15:  Adjusted Classes because of Mr. Zac’s High School Graduation

  • 3:45 Li’l Champions
  • 4:15 All Juniors
  • No Classes after 5:00 pm

Thursday, May 17:  Graduation Night//No Regular Classes//Sensei’s Birthday!

Please complete this if you’d like to be in the Demo Performance for the May Graduation.

Phone (text)(required)

I want to be in the demo. I can be there at 5:00 for practice.(required)

I am a high red belt or higher who has been in performances before or has special permission to be on the demo or performance team.(required)

I can perform at the 6:00 and 6:45 performances.

  • Lil Champs 6:00
  • Juniors All Levels 6:45
  • Adults All Levels (not a regular class) 7:45

Friday, May 18:  Power Weekend Part 1//6:00 pm (watch for details)

Saturday, May 19:  Power Weekend Part 2//9:00 am (watch for details)

Friday, May 25:  Regular Classes//No Hyper or Tournament//Spectacular Prep 5:30 – 8:00

Saturday, May 26:  Make Up Classes for Graduation Week (watch for details)

Monday, May 28:  Memorial Day – WE WILL BE OPEN BECAUSE OF ALL THE EVENTS GOING ON IN THE SUMMER!  This is a great day to get in a make up class.

Monday, May 28-Thursday, May 31:  Beach Fun Buddy Week 

Bring a friend and wear some Beach Shorts and tees.  We will have some Beach Themed Fun in Class!  Friend must bring a permission form completed by a parent. scs liability waiver

Friday, June 1: Black Belt Spectacular 6:30 pm (watch for details)

Saturday, June 2:  Hyper in the Park//SCS Family Picnic (watch for details)

June 4-8:  Crazy Hair Week

How crazy can you make your hair – add color – be creative – Please, NO GLITTER!

June 4-7:  Hyper Tricking Camp (details here)

Saturday, June 9:  Make-up Classes (watch for details)

June 11-13:  Dodgeball Week

We will play Dodgeball at the end of the week.

Thursday through Saturday, June 14-16:  Dojo Closed//Battle of Atlanta (details here)

June 18-22:  Superhero Week

Dress like your favorite superhero and we’ll have fun with superhero themed games!

June 25-29:  Patriotic Week

Wear your Red, White and Blue in the most creative way you can think of!

Saturday, June 30:  Make-up Classes (watch for details)

July 2- 6: Dojo Closed//US Open (details here)

July 10-13:  Water Week

Bring your own water gun and the last five minutes of class we will have a water brawl outside!  Don’t forget your towel!  You cannot come back in after you’re all wet!  Weather permitting!

Saturday, July 14:  Make-up Classes (watch for details)

Monday, July 16 – Wednesday, July 25:  Exam Weeks (Watch for details!  We are changing the way we do Exams!)

July 16-18:  Hyper Forms Camp (details here)

July 16-18:  Sports Week

Sports themed fun during classes.  Wear your favorite sports team shirt with gi pants and belt during class!

Thursday & Friday, July 19-20:  Dojo Closed//Hyper Certification

July 23-28:  Flashback Week

Raid your parents’ closets for their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s duds!

Thursday, July 26:  Graduation Night//NO REGULAR CLASSES (watch for details)

Saturday, July 28:  Black Belt Candidate Boot Camp (watch for details)

July 30-August 2:  Hyper Weapons Camp (details here)

July 30-August 3:  Beach Fun Buddy Week 2

Bring a friend and wear some Beach Shorts and tees.  We will have some Beach Themed Fun in Class!  Friend must bring a permission form completed by a parent. scs liability waiver

August 6-10:  Popsicle Week

Get a popsicle after class this week

Friday, August 10:  Candidate Classes Start

Saturday, August 11:  Annual Nerf Wars (watch for details)

Wednesday, August 15:  1st Day of School

Friday, August 17:  Candidate Class

Saturday, August 25:  PreCheck 1

Friday, August 31:  Candidate Class

Monday, September 3:  Closed for Labor Day

Friday, September 7:  Candidate Class

September 10-19:  Exam Weeks (watch for details)

September 20:  Graduation Night (watch for details)

Saturday, September 15:  PreCheck 2

September 21:  Candidate Class

Friday, September 28:  Candidate Class

Friday, October 5:  Candidate Class

Saturday, October 13:  Final Exam

Friday & Saturday, October 19-20:  Music City SMACdown (click here for details)

Friday, October 26- Saturday, October 27:  Power Weekend (watch for details)

Friday, November 2:  Spectacular Prep/NO REGULAR CLASSES (watch for details)

Saturday, November 3:  Black Belt Spectacular (watch for details)

Tuesday, November 6- Wednesday, November 7:  Jacob Wolfman of Martial Studios will be here for photographs (see info here)

November 5-14:  Exam Weeks (watch for details)

Thursday, November 15:  Graduation Night (watch for details)

Thursday & Friday, November 22-23:  Closed for Thanksgiving

Friday, November 23 and Saturday, November 24:  Annual Holiday Sale (watch for details)

Saturday, December 1:  Ugly Sweater and Christmas Cookie Party (watch for details)

Saturday, December 8:  Black Belt Candidate Boot Camp (watch for details)

December 24-January 1:  Dojo Closed for Holidays

Friday, January 4:  Candidate Classes Begin