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Kicking Seminar Friday, July 31 — July 30, 2020

Kicking Seminar Friday, July 31

This soon to be 12 year old has some stretching and strength drills for all of us to take our kicking to new heights.

Team Macho’s Kodi Molina is a talented and dedicated martial artist from Texas. Her family is always willing to share, whether it be a hug, knowledge or even a sandwich! This Friday, she will be sharing her tips and tricks with us! Get motivated to work hard and achieve those goals! 

We’re asking for a $5 donation to send to her to offset her training and competition expenses! 


You can Venmo your donation or bring cash to the dojo.

Please let us know you’re interested so we can add you to the list. You can let us know below. 

You don’t have to train at SCS to be part of it. 

Zoom info will be available Thursday. Only 20 people can be accommodated in the dojo so sign up for the 5:30 Friday High Red Belt class if you’re interested in doing this at the dojo!

If you have a fitness band or old karate belt you can kick with, have it available!

You can Venmo your donation or bring cash to the dojo.

Fever Frenzy Information — July 17, 2020

Fever Frenzy Information

  1. For information on the Fever Frenzy, click here. Fever Frenzy
  2. Watch the Fever Frenzy online this weekend. Watch the Fever Frenzy online this weekend!

Fever Frenzy

Information here will be updated as we receive it.

Competitors Click Here for Instructions

Spectators Click Here for Instructions

Click Here for Results (updated on Monday)

If you are competing, please read this section.

Here is a sheet that shows our competitors and their rings for the event. The link is to the order of the ring.

You can find information for watching here.

Feel free to come practice at the dojo during the 5:30 CMX Class (please register online like you do for normal classes). We will be happy to help you with your kata and make sure you are feeling strong about your performance for the event.

Bring your uniform and belt. You will be competing in your belt and uniform, so you won’t want to forget it. You may want to have other clothes with you to keep it neat. Go ahead, iron it, make it look great! You will feel stronger and more powerful!

Bring drinks and snacks and maybe even plan on going to pick up take out. During the event, you will want snacks and drinks. We have a refrigerator available, but we currently are not stocking drinks and snacks, so bring some of your favorites with you and maybe even plan to go for takeout during the day. We will set up some tables and chairs so that people have hangout areas away from the competition area.

UPDATED! If you are competing, please follow these directions to find out your zoom room and time and send it to Ms. Crissi by Friday Night!

  • Go to
  • login
  • go to your name in upper right corner
  • click my orders
  • scroll down to my attendance
  • click view under registration (blue box)
  • scroll to bottom where divisions are and take a photo or screen shot
  • text that to 251-458-6111
  • it should look like this:

You should have received an email with a lot of information from the Fever Frenzy. Please read through it, it gives a lot of information.

I will take the information that shows the Name, Division, Time and Zoom Room and compile them into a list for us to use at the dojo that will help organize us to be able to make sure we don’t miss any divisions and that we can be organized.

You can print this PDF of all the divisions here.

We will be at the dojo at 8:30 to prepare for competition. You don’t need to be there for the whole thing, but do plan to come early so you can warm up and encourage others at the dojo.

Because of the new mask ordinance, we should all do our best to wear them if possible and social distance. No, it won’t be enforced, but we will be considerate of others who would like to.

How does competition work? This is a unique way of competing, but we love the format of it and the way we can encourage others to be part of the event.

What will happen is that you will receive the email I mentioned above and you will get to the dojo 30-60 minutes before your scheduled session. Your division may be at the beginning of the session or more towards the end, and they may run behind because of difficulties or judge changes or having more competitors than they expected. The reason they cut off the registration on Thursday is so that they can organize it.

During that session, we will log in to the Zoom Room on one of our phones so that we can be ready for your event. We will have a phone for each Zoom Room (there will be two for the competition). The rooms are similar to rings at a tournament. When it’s your turn, the announcer will call your division. The names of the competitors in the division will be checked in and shuffled. The order will be given (usually really quickly) and we will be ready and waiting for the announcer to call our name and start the audio on the device. You will perform and sometimes she or he will want to speak to you. After you have competed, you wait for the division to finish and then the judges announce the scores.

Regardless of your placing, you will receive a Division Certificate in your mailbox within an hour or two of your division that you can proudly share to social media! Please forward these emails to so we can shout it out loud about your hard work and dedication and bravery to compete!

Spectators, please read this section.

We will post the links where you can see what divisions are running and what is going on later this evening when we receive the details.

There will be different sessions, so look for the Live notification and be sure you are watching a current room and not a pre-recorded room. You will be able to go back later and watch them as well.

This will be shared live on the site.

You can watch and share it on Facebook at SportMartialArts.

You can watch it on YouTube at SportMartialArts channel.

CMX Class

Today we will be offering an open mat for anyone to train forms. Anyone participating in the tournament or who would be interested in competing in the future is welcome to attend. Please register for the 5:30 CMX Class today.

High Red and Above Class

We will offer an open mat for you to work on kata, train, use weights, etc. This is for high red belts and above. You may use any equipment and work with people within your family if you would like to do pad work or sparring. Please register for this class so we can limit the number of people in the class.

Do I Have to Wear a Mask? — July 16, 2020

Do I Have to Wear a Mask?

With the new mask 😷 order in Alabama, we want to ask our students to please wear one coming in and out of the dojo.

We have a few in stock. Please let me know ASAP if you want a super cool, super comfy Team SCS mask! $5 each

You will not be required to wear it while training.

With all the uncertainties of this pandemic, we are doing our part to follow guidelines. Thank you for understanding and allowing us to respect our government and our community so that we can continue to help others become the champions they are meant to be.

  • 1) no you don’t have to wear a mask to workout.
  • 2) young children don’t have to wear a mask in or out of the dojo.
  • 3) we won’t turn you away if you’re not wearing one.
  • 4) please feel free to read up on the state guidelines regarding exercise as we are trying our best to follow the standards set by local, state and federal guidelines.
  • 5) thank you for respecting others.
Friday, June 19, 2020 — June 19, 2020

Friday, June 19, 2020

Here is an overview of today’s classes. Be sure to register for the classes in the dojo.

4:30 All Levels Martial Arts Drills and Fitness Conditioning (click for zoom link)

We will not likely go over curriculum, but it will be a fun class that you will sweat to!

5:30 CMX Class: Full Strikes (click for zoom link)

Working details on forms and sections with a team to improve and become more confident with skills and techniques for performance in the dojo and in competition.

6:30 High Red and Above Class (click for zoom link)

Today we will be offering an open mat format for anyone who would like help with their black belt training. We will be offering advice regarding individual skills such as katas, kicks, black belt mindsets, exercise form and the process of training and preparing for a black belt exam.

Free Virtual Tournament July 18-19 — June 16, 2020

Free Virtual Tournament July 18-19

Be sure to read the information here.

We have had a lot of fun competing together at the dojo for these FREE virtual tournaments. Please join us at the dojo for this fun, well run event with lots of encouragement, growth and camaraderie.

CHALLENGE! Ms. Crissi will compete if we get five additional adults to compete (besides Darah)! So join us! Let us know how we can help you prepare!

July 18-19

Register here by Thursday, July 16. Please either take a photo of the registration or send Ms. Crissi your registration confirmation email.

They will send details in an email late Friday, July 17 with links to the rooms and the times of the events. is offering a Live and Free Virtual Tournament.

We would like to make an event of it and have it at the dojo.

If you would like to be part of it, please let us know. 251-458-6111

We can do the competition at the dojo and have encouragement from the team and a clean set up for your performances and a way to cheer on each other.

You can see more about it at or 

This is a great way to try out a tournament and try to have some of the experience of being around friends and other competitors during the event.

Mask Mania Results —

Mask Mania Results

Register for this FREE Virtual Tournament here.

We have had a lot of fun competing together at the dojo for these FREE virtual tournaments. Please join us at the dojo for this fun, well run event with lots of encouragement, growth and camaraderie.

Congratulations and great work to the students who competed in the Mask Mania on June 27-28.

Amalie Grace Weidman

Darah Wright

Laney Pate

Maggie Pate

Josiah Callison

Gracie Callison

Kyleigh Boyer (whose division was skipped)

We have been having fun getting together at the dojo for these events. All our students are doing great, stepping out their comfort zone, in the safety and convenience of our dojo with friends and family around, competing with people from across the globe!

This is a well run event and we can’t wait for the next one.

Find out more about the Fever Frenzy on July 18-19 here. Join our team!

August 2020 Kata Rotations — June 11, 2020

August 2020 Kata Rotations

All Katas for the August 2020 Rotation are shown in the curriculum section of the Spark App.

All sections are on the Spark App under Curriculum.

Please let us know if you do not see yours and we will try to troubleshoot it. You may need to log out of the app, update it and log back in with your credentials.

You can also go to a website here, login with your credentials and see the links 

Karate Warm Up —

Karate Warm Up

10 jumping jacks in each direction

10 Front Kicks (alternating right and left)

10 Side Kicks (5 left then 5 right)

10 Round House Kicks (5 left then 5 right)

10 Square Horse Punches (alternating right and left)

10 Pushups

10 Crunches

10 Squats

5 Arm Circles to the Front

5 Arm Circles to the Back

Repeat two times, then do some stretches of your choice.

A/C Update —

A/C Update

June 16, 2020


  1. A/C is Fixed!
  2. We will offer them on Zoom and some in person classes
  3. You will need to pre-register for in person classes, which are still limited in size, YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER FOR ZOOM CLASSES.
  4. Please see below for details on new katas and schedule and offerings.
  5. Thank you for your patience.

Dearest Team,

The A/C is fixed thanks to our awesome landlord and Southeastern Heating and Air Conditioning!

We will be having Zoom Classes and offering online workouts that will include the first section of each of the new katas!


You can purchase basic bos here.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to practice perseverance in our martial arts instruction and training!

We thank you for your continued blessings.

Thank you.

Renshi and the SCS Family

High Red Belt & Above Class Fridays at 6:30 pm — June 5, 2020

High Red Belt & Above Class Fridays at 6:30 pm

Preparing for your Black Belt Exam can be overwhelming. We are offering classes to High Red Belts and above to work on details, special curriculum and to help you get stronger and more focused for your Black Belt Exam.

At this point, it is not mandatory, but available to all High Red Belts and above who are interested in attending.

July 10 Class: Open Mat for all High Red Belts and Black Belt Candidates

This will be an open mat session to allow you to use any equipment or floor space you need to prepare for your Black Belt Candidate Training.  If you have any questions regarding curriculum, they can be answered in this session.  

We will not be offering it via zoom, however later this week, we will be sharing a syllabus for Black Belt Training as well as a video to elaborate on some of the details of this training.  If you are unable to attend, please email your questions to 

At this time, we are unable to really begin training due to the fact that much of our curriculum is interactive.  Self defense, sparring, pad work, etc. are all measurements of a student’s skill level in regards to their ability to be ready for Black Belt.  Fitness, kata, attitude, attention to detail are all very important as well, and can be worked on at this time, so please watch for the information we will be sharing this week.

We understand that preparing for your Black Belt Exam can be overwhelming. We are offering classes to High Red Belts and above to work on details, special curriculum and to help you get stronger and more focused for your Black Belt Exam.

At this point, it is not mandatory, but available to all High Red Belts and above who are interested in attending.


We will also offer the class on Zoom. (except on July 10.)