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Precheck #2 February 9

  • Precheck #2
  • Saturday, February 9
  • 9 am
  • Wear full gi
  • Bring running clothes and shoes
  • If it’s cold, we will run. If it’s raining we will run. If there is lightning, we will not run!
  • Yes, this is long, but it is important.

Hello, team! I will be continuing to add to this throughout the week as I think of new information that may be helpful for your Precheck.

MOST RECENT UPDATE 1/31/19 4:48 pm

Everyone should be increasing the amount of work you’re entering on your training logs, your kicks should be higher, stronger, faster. Your katas should be approaching perfections. Your run times should be getting easier!

As always, I recommend videoing yourself to evaluate the details. Here are some important things that always need to be checked.

  • Check stances
  • Watch fists
  • Tiger Eyes
  • Pushups
  • Practice katas and video yourself
  • Evaluate your stances, chambers, strikes, blocks (in other words, details)
  • Make sure you are kiai-ing!
  • Focus on the details
  • (Watch for more… I left my list at the dojo and I am typing from home!)
  • Don’t shortcut punches, be sure to do them full, with full chambers on each strike
  • When you are blocking, be sure you are focusing on the details, chambers, tight fists. Inner and outer blocks should have the back of the fists facing front, not the sides or fingers. Upper blocks should have a slight angle above the head and should not be resting on the forehead. Lower blocks should come from the opposite ear. If the block crosses on the chamber, the blocking arm should come from the outside of the block rather than the inside close to the body.
  • Be sure to practice so you are confident in the material, it is noted when you are watching others.
  • Keep back straight when doing square horse stances. Focus on chamber and tucking the butt under to maintain a straight back and balance.
  • Be sure to use your Kiais and bring spirit and energy!
  • If you are having to adjust your pants in order to have room to kick, you need bigger pants. Please email Ms. Crissi to order a new size.
  • At this point in your training, you need to be working on the katas you were not tested on in the last PreCheck. If you are struggling with the ones from before, you are not ready for Black Belt this cycle.
  • Any missed classes must be made up by PreCheck. We offer many options for classes, including Hyper Class.

During this precheck, this is the material you will be tested on. We will be sure to cover the *’d material during candidate class on Friday:

  • Appreciation Form
  • Dragon Kata
  • Form One
  • Short Two
  • Short Three
  • Basic Bo Form
  • Chuk Form Two
  • American Bo Form for 2nd Degrees and above
  • Bookset for 2nd Degrees and above
  • 1-4, 1-6, 1-8 Count Kicking
  • 1-10 Count kicking
  • 2 Count Basics
  • 1-2-3 Count Kicking
  • Willpower
  • Encouragement of Others
  • Attitude
  • Focus
  • Fitness
  • Run time must be two miles under 18 minutes. (In order to be at the required time of under 17 by the Final Exam, safely, we must have timing standards. Under 17 for Final Exam. Final Exam will be the last chance for those still in cycle.)
  • Punches/Strikes
  • Details
  • Willingness to apply what is given
  • Self Defense
  • Anything you have learned since white belt may be included in this exam, however, we will only test on the katas shown above.

If you are truly doing your training as demonstrated in your training logs, you will be getting closer to your goals. Training logs should not have empty spaces on them except on the rest day.

Remember to be drinking lots of water and eating well. What you put into your body in the days leading up to Precheck will fuel you through the exam. Don’t wait until Friday to apply this. Start on Wednesday and plan your breakfast for Saturday to be lean, whole grains, fruits and proteins rather than a traditional southern breakfast.

After this Precheck, the numbers on the pumping kicks and fitness should increase to 75 per day, with one rest day. If you are already at under 17 for your run time, you should continue as is. If you are struggling or no where near 17 minutes for the two miles, you should increase your runs and perhaps increase the distance to help you achieve your run time goal. Incorporating sprints into your running can also help lower your time.

Let me reiterate: Training logs should not have empty spaces on them except on the rest day.

Remember, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is not going to lead you to success. Students are reminded that they are earning a black belt, not parents, and it is up to them to demonstrate that they are willing and ready to become that black belt. It’s not a race, it’s a journey! For a more thorough explanation of this, you may read this: A Black Belt Is

Thank you for sharing your family with us. We are honored and blessed to have you along with us and look forward to awarding your black belt when you are ready!

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February 1: Tournament Prep Class 1: Information and Introduction Practice

Friday, February 1 6:15 pm Tournament Prep Class:  Information and Practicing Your Introduction.  

This is a good class if you are interested in any upcoming tournaments.

At this first tournament prep class, we will be covering how to enter a ring, introduce yourself to the judges and basic tournament protocol.

We will also make available tournament schedules and anyone who is interested in attending the Battle of Atlanta or US Open is encouraged to attend this. We try to coordinate matching shirts, fun and information for the families who attend these tournaments, so please let us know if you are interested in any of these out of town events.

Other great smaller tournaments that are on the ProMac circuit, such as Music City Smacdown and the Destin Open, along with the Jubilee Open are great events that we have attended for years.

We hope you will work hard and join us on this tournament journey.

Here is some information we ask all parents and competitors to review and apply.

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Middle Tennessee workout

We’re up here in the Tennessee mountains (I think that’s why I’m struggling to breathe.). And here’s a workout for you!!

Use #jubileeopen and take a photo or video to post or email it to me.


Warm up


Do each of the following four exercises 10 times total (so if using both sides, you will do 5 with each side), then 20 times, then 30, then 20 and finish with 10 each

1.jumping jacks

2.Front kicks (total)

3.Seal jacks (clap your hands like a seal in front of you as you jump your feet like jumping jacks)

4.Skaters (total) (with right foot, jump to side, then swing left foot behind you, repeat with left foot, swinging right leg behind)

Block 1

1 beginner kata three times

(Appreciation form, dragon kata or form one)

Focus on details such as stances, blocks and chambers.

Block 2

10 Jump squats

10 Power crunches

10 total Spider man plank pushups

Repeat three times

Block 3

Practice one other kata that you know (open hand or weapons) in the same way you did above.

Block 4

Combat sprint

50 knee strikes

4 side leg lifts each side

40 knee strikes

6 side leg lifts each side

30 knee strikes

8 side leg lifts each side

20 knee strikes

10 side leg lifts each side

10 knee strikes

12 side leg lifts each side

Video for clarification:

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Training Logs: How To Complete Them

There seems to be many interpretations of how to complete a training log.

I will be adding to this as I think of things!

First, there are two ways. You can do them online or print them out and complete them by hand. The student should be the one completing training logs, NOT THE PARENT! If you can’t complete a training log legibly, then you are not ready for a Black Belt! If you can’t be responsible enough to complete a training log, you are not ready for a Black Belt!

Here’s the link to training logs!

Each phase in the cycle requires different activities for the training log. I will attempt to make it clear by offering a Day by Day activity guide. You, of course, may adapt this to meet your needs.

  • These training logs should be full, with lots of material on each day.  
  • Do not complete it by saying, “Did Not Do.”  
  • Be sure you connect with someone to motivate you in your training.
  • Keep a copy for yourself.  We may or may not return them.
  • If you are not turning them in weekly, you are not completing one of the important requirements of Black Belt Candidate cycle.

During our Boot Camp, we covered a lot of this. You can find the Boot Camp Workbook here.


Did I come to class? 

If so, enter it in the first block. If not and you had another activity, write it down. You should be attending at least three classes per week beginning with Brown Belt.

  • For candidates, you need to attend 3 regular martial arts classes. If you come to an “a” and a “b” day, Hyper class can count for a third class.
  • When candidate classes begin, this will be your fourth class.
  • If we don’t have classes that week, you do not need to make them up.
  • If we don’t have a candidate class that week, you don’t need a fourth class.
  • If there is a PreCheck or Exam, that counts as your fourth class.
  • If we don’t have classes, you still have to do your training logs.
  • If you are sick or go on vacation, you need to make up your classes.
  • You may not miss any Exams.
  • You may miss two Candidate classes.


 This should be done every other day. At first, you should be doing 25 of each, pushups, crunches and squats. If these are a struggle for you, you need to do more, perhaps four or five times per week instead of three. You should be able to complete 25 of each at one time. After the first Precheck, it should be 50, then 75 after the second Precheck, then 100 after the Final Exam.

From the Black Belt Training Goals handout: “Pushups, crunches and squats EVERY OTHER DAY. Without fail. Be sure to do flawless technique. Don’t cheat yourself or your Sensei by doing improper pushups. Everyone admires ten perfect pushups much more than 100 “half” pushups. Begin by doing five sets of ten of each every other day. When you can do this with confidence, begin adding another set of ten until you’ve reached ten sets of ten every other day.

What Should I Enter on my Training Log (after I have actually completed the exercises)?

  • 25 or 50 or 75 or 100 Pushups
  • 25 or 50 or 75 or 100 Crunches
  • 25 or 50 or 75 or 100 Squats

Each exercise increases after each Precheck.

  • So the first phase (between the candidate meeting and before Precheck 1) you will do 25.
  • The second phase (after Precheck 1) you will do 50.
  • Third phase (after Precheck 2), you will do 75 and
  • after the Final Exam, you will have 100.

What if I do a sport or fitness at a gym?  What about when I come to class and we do pushups, crunches and squats? Does that count?

It’s awesome that you are staying so active! Unfortunately, while you may be doing things that help your sports game or your own personal fitness, if you are not committing yourself to improving your training and completing the exercises we have laid out to help you be successful in your Black Belt goals, it can’t be counted.

However, these activities should make those pushups, crunches and squats easier! Knock them out and see the results for yourself! You may need to adjust the days you do your fitness so that they are opposite your other activities.

Running (Distance/Running Time)

To improve your overall endurance, your running should be measured in both time and distance. Write these down so that you can see your goals. If you are not running, there is no way you can improve!

You should be running at least two times a week. Runs should be two to three miles. Your goal is to run two miles in under 17 minutes. (It used to be under 16 minutes.) You should not stop to walk during your running.

At first, the goal should be to complete two miles with confidence, then the pace can be addressed. Again, you should not be walking during this two miles.

After you have achieved your goal of running without walking for two miles, you may begin training for gain.

There are many strategies for this:

  • Couch to 5K App. This is an app that safely takes you from not being able to run at all to being able to run a 5K without stopping to walk.
  • Incorporate Sprints. Add sprints every so often while you are running. Set a goal to run as fast as you can to the next landmark. If you do this several times during your run, you will see improvements in your time.
  • Run more than two miles. If you can run two miles in the designated time, another strategy is to add more distance. This benefits your endurance and allows you to add speed when you run just for two miles.
  • Run with a partner. Running is always fun with someone else and if you have someone who can challenge you, all the better!

You need to be running 2-3 times per week. If you are not, you are not in Black Belt Cycle and your results will show at Exams.

Pumping Kicks.

We addressed this a lot at the Boot Camp. Pumping Kicks is one of the best ways to build your flexibility and strength for kicking. You should also be stretching to make sure that you are able to kick higher than you ever have before.

You should be pumping at least 25/50/75/100 of each kick each day, depending on where you are in the cycle. (see the fitness section for more clarification)

  • Front Kick and Round House Kick Variations for Pumping Kicks
    • Pump 10, hold extended for 10
    • Just pump those kicks, focusing on the extension and foot shape
    • Pump 5, hold 5
    • Pump 5, lift higher on 5
    • Each kick should be above the belt with focus on foot shape and chambers before and after.
  • Side Kick Variations for Extensions
    • These will not be done fast, you should extend focusing on the chamber, foot shape and height.
    • You can do the same variations as Front and Round House Kicks.


You should spend time focusing on the katas you will be tested on at each level. These will be covered during candidate classes and often there will be a blog post on our website about the different PreChecks and what we will cover.

Video yourself to evaluate the basic details of each kata and weapons form.

If this is your final cycle, according to the handout you received at the Cycle Meeting, Black Belt Training Goals, you should be entering cycle with a nearly complete creative kumite that highlights your skills. We can then spend the time during this final cycle fine tuning and perfecting your routine.

For further information about Creative Kumite, please refer to the Boot Camp Workbook or this blog post.

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Candidate Meeting Time

Each candidate must meet with Sensei or Ms. Crissi this week to discuss your goals for Black Belt Cycle.

Remember, it’s not the Black Belt you’re after, it’s who you become as you’re working towards it.

Please let us know when you are coming to class (with a parent, unless you’re over 18) so that we can schedule the meeting time.

If received before 3 pm on any day, we will confirm the time with you.

Thank you.

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SCS Belt Graduation

If you have a Blue Stripe, you may be eligible for graduation in January. Wear Full Gi

Demo Team Info Click here!

Remember, it’s not just about attendance, but also about knowledge of material (practice), fitness, performance of material, as well as behavior and attitude during the exam period (between the last exam and this exam).


  • Click here for Rank Requirements.
  • Current Kata:
    • Lil Champions:
      • White: Lil Champion Form One
      • Advanced Lil Champions: Elephant Kata
    • Beginners:
      • White Belts: Appreciation Form
      • Yellow Belts: Dragon Kata
      • Orange Belts: Form One
    • The Intermediate & Advanced Katas are on a Rotating Curriculum, you can click here to find out more about it.
      • Purple – Green Belts: Chuk Form One
      • Brown – High Red Belts: Chuk Form Two
      • Black Belts – Traditional Bookset Kata
  • Please wear full gi (uniform, not a tee shirt) to graduation night.
  • You will be examined during your class.
  • In the past, our exams have taken place during regular class, where we finish with a spotlight on those being examined and it kind of blended with the class, with a focus on A and B Days.  As with the past few exams, Students will have two opportunities to test during this exam period.  In this exam, we will be having the students who are testing pulled to the side to be perform for Sensei so he can put them through their paces more thoroughly.  Parents are encouraged to watch.  This is important because Sensei can then give the proper feedback on whether it would be best to wait until the next promotion (January) or to retest again another day.   Students who are not familiar with their kata will likely have their goal reset.  The idea is to learn the chunks of the kata and practice it for retention, not cram it in at the end by learning it from a video.  He will also test them on their fitness and various self defense practices that they have learned in class.  He will also test their kicking and combination abilities.  All kicks must be above the belt.
    • Students will be tested in class on these factors:
    • Attendance and Commitment (you must attend a certain number of classes, be prepared for class with belt, on time, have equipment, etc. see here for details on class attendance requirements)
    • Knowledge of Material (ability to perform and recall techniques and kata taught in class and practiced outside of class)
    • Performance of Material (power, focus, details, confidence, kiais)
    • Behavior and Attitude (do you demonstrate black belt excellence in class, are you focused and willing to learn, are you modest, encouraging, positive)
    • School/Parent Responses (do your parents and school teachers (if in school) agree that you deserve to receive a new rank)
    • Anything Else Sensei Deems Necessary.
  • Students promoting to High Red Belt will begin their initial cycle in May/June 2019, as the current one is already underway.  You are encouraged to attend the meeting and boot camp for the the November 2018 Cycle (dates here).  This will give you some tools you need to be able to prepare for your cycle.  Cycle dates for the cycle you are eligible for will be updated by the end of March.  Thank you for your patience.  You can find more information about Black Belt Cycle here (this is continually updated).
  • During this promotion, teacher forms will be required for students in grades K-6.  Click here for a link to send to the teacher.  

January 24 Graduation Times:


  • 5:45 pm  Lil Champions
  • 6:30 pm  Juniors All Levels
  • 7:30 pm Adults All Levels

Click Here for Form to Complete for Graduation.

Click Here for Teacher Form.

Graduation Night will be Thursday, January 24, 2019

  • 5:45 Lil Champions
  • 6:30 Juniors All Levels
  • 7:30 Adults All Levels (Adults not promoting may attend this class as well!)