Black Belt Candidates Belt Order

It's time to order those uniforms and belts!  This is for those students who will be promoting to Black Belt on February 16. Don't forget to bring your Black Belt Fee this weekend ($150), along with photos for the slideshow.  Also bring your essays and your music choice should be turned in unless you want... Continue Reading →

Our Team

SCS is a family owned and operating martial arts facility.  Each student becomes part of our dojo family.  We have many families who have spent several years training and working together towards their goal of Black Belt and beyond. Sensei Sam Boyer has been training in the martial arts since 1985.  He holds a 4th... Continue Reading →

Rank Requirements

Many people ask us about rank requirements! Here's a form you can use to figure out when you should be eligible for your next rank and what requirements are needed to get to the next one! Or, just read this below and figure it out for yourself! This form is a tool to create an... Continue Reading →

What is BBC?

At SCS, we want to set everyone up for success and help them achieve their goals.  We also tend to get very attached to our students and think of every one as family.  So, before you can continue after your first six months (in the solid belt classes), you must be invited to BBC (Black... Continue Reading →

Graduation Night November 2017

WEAR FULL GI! No tee shirts to graduation! Times below! Here is graduation information for November 2017.  If you received a letter in class, you are eligible for promotion.  If needed, I have made an attendance note on the letter or I have spoken with you in person about why you are not quite ready... Continue Reading →

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