COVID-19 Update

8/27/2020 Update

Governor Kay Ivey extended the current Safer at Home order and the mask requirement in the State of Alabama to October 2, 2020.

With this order, we are continuing our current plan (click here), but we ask that people wear masks to enter and exit the dojo, which are the times we are nearest other people. We are continuing our sanitization and current class procedures.

A reminder that you need to sign up for classes before the 2:00 PM deadline. This is becoming more and more of an issue and we are possibly going to need to start turning those away who sign up late, so please help us maintain the safest environment we can and follow procedures. Our class procedures allow you to receive a confirmation that you have been booked for class, which is something Ms. Crissi has to do manually to each student each day. If you do not receive a confirmation, you should not attend class. We set up a class layout that allows us to place ranks together to give them the attention they need and reserve without having to move people around much during the class. Thank you for understanding. We have a new schedule that began August 24 and offered additional class times and days. Click here.

With those orders, we will be continuing our current plan for students to attend by Zoom or in person with our current protocols, that can be found here.

As the cases in Baldwin County rise, we understand everyone’s concerns and we are doing our best to protect our dojo family from every angle and ask that you do the same. This is a frightening time for everyone, but we know that together, we will make it through.

We are updating our requirements to ask that you please wear masks in and out of the dojo. When we are in the staging area to prepare to go to the dojo floor, we are not quite six feet apart. Everyone has different research/experience/beliefs regarding this virus and the protocols in place. We are doing our best to follow the recommendations of the state health department and the CDC guidelines.

Of course, social distancing will be practiced, which is why we are only able to admit 19 students per class. Jiu Jitsu, CMX and High Red and Above Open Mat Classes do not count toward the two class limits.

There will be no spectators but parents are encouraged to join the Zoom Link to watch without sharing your audio or video to keep the class focused and help our instructors see who needs help on the zoom class if necessary.

If you are uncomfortable with someone not having a mask, we will be offering our Zoom Classes. You can find the links here. We also will do our best to separate those that are wearing masks from those who are not for safety in the dojo.

Instructors and staff will be required to wear a mask. It is recommended that all students wear a mask. We will not require it.

Everyone will be required to pre-register for classes. You will have to receive a confirmation notice from us before you attend classes because we are still trying to figure out this system, which is showing some glitches with students saying that they have registered, but they are not showing in the system.

The COVID-19 Questions must be answered with a “no” and temperatures will be taken at the door.

You may find out more and see all our procedures here and here.