Game Time

This will be a daily fun challenge for families. There will be a game and a fitness challenge. They should be about 20-30 minutes and are a great way to connect with others.

We will have additional class plans for our students to stay on track for their goals during this time.

What Will I Need?

Download Zoom to your computer or device.

Create a Login.

Login at 3:00 pm CST using the information below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 276 055 629

Password: smile

Monday, March 30: 3:00 pm UNO! Bring your own deck

Tuesday, March 31: 3:00 pm Go Fish! Have a deck of cards ready.

Wednesday, April 1: No Game! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, April 2: 3:00 pm Make Me Laugh!

Friday, April 3: 3:00 pm High or Low? You will need an arrow on a piece of paper. We’re doing a fitness game with this.

Saturday, April 4: 3:00 pm Family Team Game

Sunday, April 5: No Game!

Watch for next week’s sessions.

Leaving for a Later Date: Dad Jokes Rules

  • Two players will “face off.”
  • We will have a bracket that will be randomized.
  • Each round will have 1 minute and the first player to 3 points wins the round and continues on. The others can comment in the chat, but must be muted and have their videos hidden to keep confusion down.

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