Important Information

For Beginners and Lil Champions


First, I wanted to thank you for being part of our dojo. We care about each and every one of our students and their families and hope to help them reach their goals.

I wanted to make sure that all our new families understand the graduation process, the renewal process and more, as I don’t get to sit down and give you the private attention I’d like to, I’ve compiled this information page.

Many of our beginners are getting ready for graduation night on November 14.

You may have a green stripe, which demonstrates the month that you are eligible for promotion. There are also attendance requirements to meet. If you’ve been pretty regular at coming to class about twice a week, you will have no problem promoting. You can see more about the different stripes here.

Graduation information and forms to fill out are here:

Some people are having trouble copying the teacher message from within the app. Here is a link to the teacher copy and paste form.

For Graduation, you will need to wear full uniform.

You can find out all the other details by clicking here or you can find it in the announcements on the Spark App, the main announcement page or in the Spark App Shop.

Renewal Offers

When students are up for renewal, we offer the best discounts at 90 days out.  You may have received an email or even an invitation to BBC. We are currently working with a new supplier to get our gear in a more timely matter. We are excited about this and often people are interested in getting the gear for Christmas! If you did not receive this special offer, please email me:

Black Belt Spectacular

We have our Black Belt Spectacular this weekend!  It’s an incredible event you won’t want to miss.  We have two of these each year and they are memorable and a great way to motivate your student! There will be performances, inspiration and laughs.  She will love it!  You can find more information here.  

Spark App

If you don’t have it, download the Spark App.  Here is all the information you need.  It allows you to see announcements of what is going on at the dojo and eventually will do a lot more!

With Remind changing their policies, the Spark App will be the best way to receive announcements. Please be sure to accept push notifications when it prompts you!

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